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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What Wednesday

Wednesday? Is that you? Wow, that was fast. Well I better get to saying SO WHAT?
So What Wednesday
So What if... I hosted my first FREE product giveaway this week? I was going to wait until I had 100 followers but I had FREE products now. To GIVE AWAY! What? You missed the announcement? There's still time, click here to view the post and enter the give away!

So What if... we bought and put up a 9+ foot Christmas tree in our living room on Saturday but it is not yet decorated? We had a few unexpected scheduling difficulties this weekend (spending a chunk of time Sunday at the walk in clinic...). So lights are on but not a single ornament. Well there's always this weekend! For the record, I am in love with our naked tree anyway!

So What if... it melts my heart that these two are best buds already?

So What if... I bought a winter squash... but have NO IDEA how to prepare it? Ideas welcome. What do I do with it? Seriously, help.

So What if... I find it hard to get things done when this cutie is awake? He's just so much fun!

So What if... I kind of wish we left Christmas decorations up year round? I mean, a short, busy month is not long enough for me to enjoy some of my favorite decorations! (Ok ask me how I feel in January but right now I wish they were up all the time!)

I love this nutcracker that my hubby brought me from Germany, and this super cute wreath my mother in law made! At my house even the mugs are decorated for Christmas!

So What if...I totally hijacked my own blog all week to promote the VIRTUAL Thirty One party I'm hosting? What? Oh yes, I'm still talking about my Thirty One party! The deals are just too good, I mean the Mini Utility Bin is just $5? Have I mentioned how much I love that little thing? Oh, I have? Well after this Thursday you won't be hearing about it anymore because the party will be OVER! (so hurry and place and order before you run out of time! and don't forget to enter the give away!)

Well that's what I'm saying SO WHAT to this week! What about you?


Monday, December 3, 2012

Thirty One Product Give Away

Ok here it is... drumroll please... the Thirty One Product Give Away!! One lucky reader will receive not one, not two but THREE Thirty One products for what? For FREE!!

The products are three of my favorites: the Double Cosmetic Bag, the Thermal Tote and the Mini Utility Bin!

 The Double Cosmetic Bag, a $20value!
The Mini Utility Bin, a $22 value!
 The Thermal Tote, an $18 value!

How to enter? Easy...

, you must be a follower of this blog.

, you must leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite Thirty One product. 

, you must tweet about this give away. Be sure to use hashtag Suddenly Snowden (#suddenlysnowden) **Don't have twitter? Then what are you waititng for email me at please.

That's it! I know, right? That's all you have to do to be entered into the giveaway!

Want to
increase your chances of winning these three products? Ok, sure! Then try these as well:

For FIVE extra entries
, place and order through my party, which you were already planning to do right? (Simply email your order to me at and I'll  will take it from there).

For FOUR extra entries
, share this give away on your Facebook page linking back to this blog post. (And if we're not facebook friends already then send me a link or screen shot of where you shared to

For THREE extra entries
, share a snapshot of this give away on your Instagram profile including a link to the give away. Be sure to use hashtag Suddenly Snowden (#suddenlysnowden). And if you're not doing so already, you can follow me on instagram here and I can follow you back!  

That's it! Easy right? Let the commenting, tweeting, ordering, face booking and instagramming begin! Best of luck to all of you lovely ladies!

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