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Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Week at the Lake

Memorial Day Weekend turned into Memorial Day WEEK at the lake!

Honey, Parker Bear, Cash and I headed down to Honey's family's lake house on Friday morning afternoon. We had to get the house "show-ready" hoping for some showings over the holiday weekend and that caused us to run a bit late getting out of the door.

When we were planning this trip, we realized that it worked for us to stay until Tuesday because Honey had a work trip near the lake house. No sense driving home just to turn around and come right back, right? So he planned to stay until Tuesday afternoon.

And then we realized that it didn't make sense for Parker, Cash and I to go home just to be alone, right? So we decided to stay until Thursday morning.

We enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend with Parker's Aunt T and Uncle Rush and cousins Olivia, Ella Grace and Baby Shipp. After they left on Monday and Honey left on Tuesday, Honey's parents, GiGi and Snoopy kept Parker, Cash and I company until we left Thursday afternoon.

We had a great time boating, swimming, grilling out, sunning, fishing, and just enjoying the weather and time together. 

We'll be back to the lake house for July Fourth weekend and although it feels like a long ways away, I know it will be here before we know it! 

Here is our Memorial Day Week in pictures: 

Parker Bear in his Memorial Day outfit

Enjoying the beautiful weather out on the boat

Watching Cash swim in the lake

Sleepy sunset cruise

Never too young to start learning to drive a boat

Thinking about s'mores

Me and my niece Ella Grace

GiGi and Snoopy with Parker, Ella Grace, Olivia and Baby Shipp

Parker ready for some boating

Happy Family

Nothing quite like a boat nap

Parker trying to catch the wind

Parker showing Ella Grace and GiGi his book

That is one happy Cash Dog!

I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, or week, as well!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing Cinderella: A Military Ball

Last week I got to play Cinderella. All day long I ran around taking care of Baby Parker and Cash Dog, packing us up for a week long trip away, wrapping up loose ends, cleaning up and getting our house "show-ready", and running errands.

Then when the clock struck what felt like midnight but was actually only five o'clock Nanny M arrived to take care of Parker Bear and I changed into a fancy dress, high heels, and diamond earrings to accompany my Prince Charming to a Military Ball.

I love military balls and the chance to get dressed up!

We had a wonderful evening visiting with friends followed by dinner and dancing! It was a wonderful time and I'm so glad we got to attend this year. Last year we missed this same formal because we were in the hospital with our newborn baby and the year before we were on our Honeymoon. I'm so glad we were able to go since we are leaving for Kansas this summer. 

It was also my first time leaving Baby Parker with a sitter (although Nanny M is more like family than a sitter) for the evening. And even though Nanny M knows exactly what to do I still left her two pages of notes which she was so sweet to read.

Of course Parker did great! He had so much fun playing with her as he always does! I had pumped a bottle for him over the course of several days so he still had mama's milk at bed time keeping his routine as close to normal as possible. We missed him but it was good for all of us and made our reunion the next morning even sweeter!

Military balls are one of my favorite things about being a military spouse!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
It's hard to believe another week has flown by but here we are at Wednesday again! What a wonderful week we had with family in town celebrating Parker Bear's very first birthday! I am working on a post to share all the fun we had!

So for today I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew to say So What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying SO WHAT:

... If Honey and I went to dinner with Baby Parker for our two year anniversary? We wanted a night together as a family (where I didn't have to cook or clean!) and it was perfect. Especially since last year we spent our anniversary in the hospital NICU with our tiny baby boy!

... If I cheated *slightly* on my strict boot camp meal plan this week? What? With Baby Parker's first birthday bash and all the delectable treats we had I just had to indulge. He's only going to turn one once!

... If I nearly peed myself jumping rope this week at CrossFit? I had a baby! (Last year but that's not the point.) On a related note does that ever go away?!? 

... If I got a "spring" cold? Blech. Glad that's over with!

... If my mom stayed here with me for *a week* helping me prep for Parker Bear's birthday party? I needed her help and there's no way I could have pulled it off without her! (Thank you Honey for putting up with both of us for a week!)

... If I didn't cook for 5 days? Totally going to try to swing this once a month!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Did and I Do

Two year ago today, at four-thirty in the afternoon, beside a lake surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, among our closest friends and our families, Honey and I said I DO to one another!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to us!

A lot has changed in those two years... a move (for me), a pregnancy and the birth of our son, and job changes. We've taken wonderful trips together to the Virgin Islands, Amelia Island, Colorado, New York, and St. George Island... 

It's been a wonderful two years.

When I think back to our wedding day, to our vows, to what we committed to each other, I'm genuinely moved by what marriage is and more importantly what it means to us.

We committed to be together in sickness and in health, for rich and for poor, until death do us part. That covers a lot, right? 

It also leaves a lot of room for grey areas. 

We didn't explicitly commit to life changing events. We didn't verbally commit to going together to wherever the Army sends us. We didn't commit to spending two weeks living in a hospital NICU beside our days-old baby. 

We didn't explicitly commit to the daily grind of life within marriage. We didn't say that we would always apologize quickly and easily, kiss after an argument, admit when we were wrong, or never argue.

No, we didn't cover those things in our vows. But bigger than our traditional wedding vows is our commitment to each other. Our commitment to work through the gray areas of our marriage. We decided together that no matter what, through thick and thin, we would stay together. And above everything else, we would put our marriage first.

Standing there two years ago today, saying our marriage vows, full of hope and promise for the future, is such a sweet memory!

And in reality? We continue to live out those vows. But even more than that, we also define our gray area. Daily! 

We bite our tongues. We retreat. We apologize. We seek forgiveness. We take great pride in this marriage. And we have agreed to work together to make it the best marriage it can be. 

When we said "I DO" we meant it that day. And we have meant it every day since. 

We Did. And We Do.

On a related note... last year, on our one year anniversary, Honey and I got *take out* from our favorite restaurant downtown and ate it in a hospital NICU room next to our *nine-day-old* *four-pound baby* boy. We frequently recall that night and the *love* that was in that room. This year that same baby is a healthy twenty-two-pound one-year-old! We are blessed beyond belief!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I Did and I Do. Every Day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Parker Lately: 12 Month Post

Dear Parker Bear,

We find it so hard to believe that on Sunday, May 12th you turned ONE! I sincerely hope that the year from one to two years of age is somehow longer than the time from the time you were born to turning one...

This year has without a doubt been the best year of our lives! Every day is more fun than the day before it. Each day brings a new surprise that warms our hearts!

Parker your little personality is just emerging more and more with each passing day and we love watching you grow into a fun little boy. Experiencing the world through your eyes brings us so much joy! I never want to forget these days, these moments. 

So what are you like after one year?

You are intelligent. You continue to amaze us with how very smart you are. I suppose all parents say this and that makes sense. I certainly don't think I ever gave babies the credit they deserve for how advanced their brains are! You know so much! You learn so quickly and pick up a new game in seconds. We love playing with you and seeing how smart you are!

You are sweet. Oh so sweet! When people (even strangers) smile at you, you always smile back. If someone speaks to you, you will smile and sometimes even babble back. When you're holding something that we need to take from you for any reason, you give it up peacefully and move on. You have such a sweet little disposition already!

You are happy. Cheerful even! You just exude happiness in all you do. Daddy and I frequently say if only the rest of the world had your attitude, the world would be a better place. You find great happiness in the simplest of things, smiling easily all day long. Your happy little nature is the first thing people comment on after being in your presence for a moment or two. It makes us so happy that you are so happy!

You are curious. Very curious. About everything! You study new objects by turning them over and over in your little hands making sure you see every angle of whatever it is. If you hear a new sound you stop what you are doing and look in the direction of the new sound. Usually you will search for the source of the sound before returning to playing. You watch Daddy and I curious about what we are doing from washing our hands, to eating, to folding laundry to petting Cash. You love to seek out new things and we so enjoy watching you explore your curious nature!

You are loving. You love to snuggle and be held. You love to give big, open-mouth kisses. You give the best bear hugs and love to squeeze our necks! You definitely love to love.

Some of your favorite things are: 

Laughing - sometimes for no reason at all
Clapping - even if no one is watching
Jumping - in our arms or in your jumper
Snuggling - you will snuggle anytime, any place, with *almost* anyone
Books - a favorite, you will quickly get immersed in studying your favorite books
Cash Dog - best buds already, you love to "pet" Cash or even just watch him
Cars - so much fun when they drive by
Being Outside - the breeze, the sights, the smells, you love being outside
Eating - meals are so much fun and you have not met a food you don't like
Nursing - still nursing 5 times a day
Sleeping - nine hours each night, two naps a day which are one to two hours

Some of your dislikes are:

There isn't really anything we have found that you don't like. No, really. You cried recently when you were sitting and toppled backwards bumping your head on the floor. And another time when we were getting a new toy out of the box and it made a loud sound unexpectedly. And one other time when a small book you were playing with pinched your lip when you closed it. But after a quick snuggle, a quick passy suck, and some sweet whispers each time you are back to your happy little self within sixty seconds. 

We have yet to experience a melt down. That's not to say you may have one someday but for now your life seems to suit you and as a result you are certainly a happy, easy going little boy.

Thank you for making this year so much fun! We have loved watching you grow and experience the world around you. We get so much joy and pleasure from just being in your presence. We truly love you more than we knew was even possible! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Picture Dump

Happy Sunday loyal readers (hi mom)! Today we are recovering from throwing Parker an epic first birthday bash! So I'm throwing out another picture dump for your viewing pleasure. Aside from the birthday boy himself, only Cash makes an appearance this week. 

Without further ado, here are some of our latest happenings (that haven't even been on instragram yet!) in pictures:

First time in the grocery cart seat

Can't get enough of these pictures!

Inspecting Cash's paw

Sleepy morning baby snuggling Daddy

Showing Cash that he can clap

Telling Mommy how BIG he is

Outtake from12 mo photo shoot (*thinking pic)

Reach on the deck

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