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Friday, June 7, 2013


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It's Friday! I know, I know what you are thinking... the last time I proclaimed it was a certain day I was wrong. But today, IT IS FRIDAY!! I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth to share my top 5 for this week!

Here is what I am saying High Five for Friday about:

1. Parker loves, and I mean L O V E S, his new red wagon! We took several wagon walks this week:

2. On Tuesday I took some Mommy time to get a pedicure. Finally! And not pictured is the latte from Starbucks I also enjoyed. Ahhhhh:

3. Honey and I grill out every chance we get. Even in winter! But this lovely weather just makes us want to grill out every night! We grilled three times this week:

4. My sweet husband planted two pots of these gorgeous flowers on our front porch. Thanks Love!

5. Operation Pack-For-The-Beach is in full effect at our house this week! I have been so on top of it this time around I almost don't even recognize myself! Bags ready to go:

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great day today!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Mini Style Challenge Part II

Earlier this month I blogged about the May Mini Style photo-a-day challenge that Parker Bear and I were doing on Instagram. It was so much fun and I loved checking in to see all the other cute littles in their get up as well!

To see May Mini Style for yourself, simply log onto Instagram and look up hashtag: #mayministyle. And while you're there please follow me! I'd love to follow you back!

Click here if you would like to see our pictures from Days 1 - 15 of the photo challenge, posted earlier this month. 

Below is a quick look at how the second half of the month finished out for Parker Bear in the May Mini Style Photo Challenge:

16 - Romper

17 - Sunglasses

18 - Green

19 - Collar

20 - Graphic / Saying

21 - Accessories

22 - Monogram

23 - Blue

24 - Sandals

25 - Swim

26 - Polo

27 - T Shirt

28 - Green (again, as it turned out)

29 - Button 

30 - Bed Head

31 - Personalized

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Parker Lately

Parker is doing so much these days! I continue to be amazing at how much he is learning. And so quickly! Here are some of the new things he is doing... lately.

Pop Your Paci
We taught Parker to take his paci out by asking him to "pop his paci". I know, I know, but I couldn't think of a better term so it is now known as "pop your paci". This may come back to haunt us. Anyway, I digress, the point is that Parker is spitting out his paci upon request! Here is a short video of him "popping his paci":

Give It To Mommy, Please
Parker Bear has also started giving things to us when asked. When he has something in his hand, I can ask him to "give that to Mommy" and he hands it to me! And then I hand it back,  and we do it again like a little game. It is amazing how fast he has picked this up! Here is a video of him giving his paci to me and then to Daddy:

So proud of himself!

Baby Parker has also started "pointing" at things. He has a unique way of pointing, he does not point his finger but instead he reaches his whole arm, hand, and all fingers in the direction of something he is looking at or that he wants us to look at. It is so cute! I know that all too soon he will point his little finger and once he does that he will never point like this again so I am really enjoying this cute little manuever of his.  Here is a picture of him pointing at the fan (with his paci in his hand, he sometimes points at something while he is holding something. A benefit of a non-finger-point I suppose).

Oh, Hi Cash
Another fun thing Parker as learned is "Cash", our puppy dog. This is really no surprise because Cash is wherever Parker and I are all day long and I probably say Cash's name as often as I do Parker's name! Parker has always loved Cash - he loves to watch Cash, talk to Cash, pet Cash, get licked by Cash, laugh at Cash for apparently no reason - he loves Cash. But I have noticed that whenever I say "Oh, Hi Cash" or "Where's Cash", Parker immediately looks at Cash Dog. Well I realize I might be alone here but I am impressed!

It was difficult to document me saying Cash's name and Parker looking at him so instead here are some cute pictures of Parker and Cash.

This is the newest of Parker's tricks but he has started waving! He started this on his own my mimicing us waving to him. It is so cute when he does it because his waves are quite big! And he is so proud of himself whenever he waves. I hope to get a picture or video to add to my next "Parker Lately" post. Since this is new, he doesn't yet do it as often as his other acts!

Parker is still kissing (he LOVES to give kisses), clapping (we still watch him on the monitor clapping away in his bed) and showing us how big he is (another action we see often on the monitor). 

It is amazing how fast he is picking up on words and actions. Just growing right before our very eyes!

I can't wait to see what he does next! We love watching our Baby Parker and all the things he is doing... Lately!

Today Was Not Wedneday

Today? Yeah about that. It wasn't Wednesday. 

It was Tuesday. 

Why is this important? Because I posted my So What Wednesday post today. That's right. On Tuesday. Because today? Was actually Tuesday.

Oh yes, that gave me a good laugh.

Today our former nanny, Nanny M, come to play with Baby Parker so that I could go get a pedicure run some errands. After I got out of the salon, feeling great about my day so far, one of my most devoted followers (hi Julie!) texted me to tell me it was Wednesday

Well, duh, I mean, I know that. So why was she texting me this?

Oh, because she had been to the blog. And she had noticed that I posted... So What WednesdayToday? On Tuesday? Oops! Then, I laughed until I almost cried. But not only because I posted a post on the wrong day. No, I laughed until I almost cried because we caught up on some other stuff and that's usually something I do when Julie and I text... 

Anyway, back to today. Which was Tuesday.

Well, I've been very good lately about posting and keeping up with my blog (yay for making and meeting a personal goal!) and one of my keys to success is writing several posts when I can and scheduling them in Blogger. 

Well that works well for me except for when I accidentally schedule Tuesday's post for Wednesday and Wednesday's post for Tuesday. Now under normal circumstances, not even my most devoted followers would not notice this. Most of my posts are not exactly day-specific, right?

But So What Wednesday? That is a post for Wednesday's. That's pretty obvious. 

So yes I did that. I posted a post devoted to saying So What Wednesday. On Tuesday. So What? Ah well, we all got a good laugh. And surely no one so more than me. Oh my life...

And I must also say thank you to Stephanie and my mom for also letting me know this morning (moments after Julie did) that today was Tuesday. Thank you for having my back!

Happy Tuesday! By the way, tomorrow? Is Wednesday?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew to say SO WHAT Wednesday! 
So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying:

So What... If every lamp in our house is set to turn off and on with a timer? Our house is on the market so it needs to be lit up during the day and the last thing I want to do when we finally get ready to leave the house is run around and turn all the lamps on.

So What... If Honey hates the above mentioned lamp timers? He's not the one who would have to run around turning on said timers in a rush to get out the door. Right? But I am sorry that the lights randomly turn off at night when we're watching TV. Such is life with a house on the market! (See Also: Never Sell Your House.)

So What... If I've got Parker Bear and myself 80% packed for our upcoming trip to the beach? No more staying up totally stressed out the night before a trip! (Ok last time was an exception due to circumstances beyond my control BUT if such circumstances come up again, this mama's prepared!) 

So What... If I am certain I appear like a crotchety-hermit-grouch to anyone and everyone who appears at our front door? The original sign I had taped over the doorbell did not deter anyone from knocking on our door to their little hearts content while I rush around trying to quiet the dog because noooo one ever knocks causing the dog to bark when Parker is awake. No. They specifically wait until he is asleep and come bee-boping up to our front door and bang knock so that my wonderful guard dog Cash barks his head off to deter them. Sheesh! Hopefully my new professionally made sign will keep knocking, door bell ringing, and even just visitors to a minimum when Parker is asleep.

So What... If Parker and I made our FIRST EVER car trip for more than 2 hours alone together? We made a 4 hour drive (with one stop) together and we both did great! Cash was along for the ride too and as a seasoned back seat traveler I think he did a great job showing Parker Bear the ropes.

So What... If I haven't posted Parker's first birthday post yet? My sister-in-law took so many amazing pictures I have to select my favorites to post. That's hard to do! I hope to get that post up soon!

So What... If my little blog has a home grown Blogger template? I am so excited about my upcoming makeover! My little bitty blog is going to look so grown up!

Hooray for Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! Are you saying SO WHAT to anything today?!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh Hi There June

Wow, it's June already. 

That can only mean two things... 

One, we should start hearing Christmas music at the mall any minute now. Right?

And Two, this will start what might be the busiest month of our lives! Seriously!

When this month comes to a close, all of our belongings will be packed up and loaded onto a moving truck and on their way to Kansas. And between now and moving day, our family is going to be busy to say the least! 

Now, I don't want to give too much away. Our super fun but very busy month will all be documented here on the blog, of course so please stay tuned for details.

As much as we'd like to savor our last four weeks in the beautiful, rolling hills of Tennessee, enjoying the place we've called home for the last two years, we are going to spend the majority of what little time we will be at home packing... and unpacking... and packing... and unpacking.

It will be exciting for us to say the very least!

So, Hello June! Hello to our last month as Tennessee residents. Hello to my first Army move. Hello to Kansas. 

Hello June. And please, take your time!

Take all the time you need.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Picture Dump

A few of my favorite recent pictures and a few outtakes from our Memorial Day Week photos. 
Happy Sunday!!

Love these two sweet boys!

From a recent photo shoot with Mommy:

Outtakes from Memorial Day Weekend:

And his is how 99.8% of our pictures turn out. So as long as we take, oh say, 100 pictures then we can usually get a good one! 

But I love these pictures too... real life. Love my little family!

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