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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and if I remember correctly that means... SO WHAT Wednesday!! As always I'm joining a link up with Shannon from Life After I “Dew” and … 

This week I’m saying:

So what if… I haven't linked up on SWW in, um, four months?! I haven't even blogged in four months! Which brings me to...

So what if… I haven't even blogged in four months?! I was taking care of this cutie-patutie: 

Must share that P's Daddy got him this hoodie!
(But seriously I am so glad to be back!)

So what if… I hardly worked out after Parker was born?! I'm just now getting back into my three or four days a week! It was hard for me to find a routine in the beginning.

First day back post workout pic

So what if… I'm completely freaking out about taking Baby Parker to his 4-month doctor's appointment all by myself? I had to call in the reinforcements (aka Mom) for his 2-month appointment but am attempting this one alone. Who likes to see their baby get shots??

P and Me at his 2 month checkup

So what if... I just put on non-maternity jeans for the very first time this week?! The last time I wore non-maternity jeans was almost this time last year! Since P-man was born in May it was just too blame hot for jeans afterwards. With this nice fall air we're getting I'm loving wearing jeans and seeing all my non-maternity denim is like seeing long lost friends!

Well that's what I'm saying SO WHAT to this week, what about you?


  1. You look so good and it's been just 4 months! I love how big Parker is getting, it's amazing to see a little one doing so well!

  2. Girl you haven't worked out in 4 months and look like that?! You are doing something right! You look great!!

  3. I wish I looked like that after having a baby! You look amazing & Parker is absolutely adorable!


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