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Friday, September 28, 2012

Parker's Fast Four Months

Wow have these past four months been FAST ones! To catch up on our "Suddenly Snowden" Party-of-Three here is a quick update through pictures!

In May we brought our baby boy HOME and spent some time enjoying our new role as parents!





June was time for visitors! Both sets of grandparents came to visit us and enjoy some quality time with our little Parker Bear. My brother and his family also came to visit and we had so much fun with our nephew and niece!


In July we took our first trip as a family to Honey's family's lake house! We also celebrated my birthday which was so much more fun now that we have a little p'nut in our lives!


August we spent time visiting with family and friends. We also went on our yearly family vacation to the beach with my family and had a wonderful week of relaxation and time together making memories! (Separate beach post coming soon!)

Parker slept in the very same crib his Daddy slept in when he was a baby!

In September we went back to Honey's family's lake house and celebrated Honey's birthday there with his family!


It was a great and super fast summer! It is hard to believe that fall is "suddenly" here but we are ready!


  1. I love the picture of Parker in the glasses but I ADORE the very last one! How cute is he!

  2. OK my fav pics is his little monkey butt!! too cute!!


  3. Oh my gosh, look at those cheeks!!! I just want to pinch them! Loved this little catch up!


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