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Monday, October 22, 2012

Florida's Best Kept Secret

Sorry again for an overdue post but I would love for my blog to be inclusive of some of my favorite things even if they occurred during my blogging break maternity leave!

Every year my parents take the whole family to the B-E-A-C-H!! I treasure that time so very much.The usual suspects are my parents (also known as Twinkle and Bing), my brother, his wife and their two children and Honey, Parker and me. So that's 6 adults, 3 children (under age 3) and of course 4 dogs.

It's hard to believe that In just the last three years we've expanded the original group of 5 to  9 people!!

This year our trip was a little longer than usual because my cousin was getting married on the very beach we were vacationing on. Because of that my parents went to the beach early and Parker and I were able to get a two-week vacation out of the deal!!! And we loved every single minute of it! (Honey had to miss the wedding but was able to meet up with us for vacation - thanks once again Army!)

Here is a recap of our trip in pictures: St George Island, Florida, August 2012

Leaving home for the long drive to the shore

Cash spots the ocean

The Beach House

Mommy's first Corona since last year

BJ's Shrimp Pesto Pizza: a yearly staple

Cash and his brother Truman took every opportunity to sabotage Bing

Mommy and Parker sunning on the front porch

The boys rarely took their eyes off of the beach

Mommy and Parker getting ready for my cousin's Rehearsal Dinner

Our family at the beach (minus Honey who was driving to meet us at this very moment!)

Bing and Twinkle at the newlywed's send off

Family Time on the beach

Fried Grouper "fingers" and Hush Puppies. Finger licking good!

Parker wondering if we get room service at the beach house

Daphne believes vacationing is for sleeping relaxing

And so do Honey and Parker Bear

Since our birthday's are 6 weeks apart we loved celebrating Honey and my birthday's together

Bing and Lil'D sharing some laughs

Parker's first time with his feet in the sand

Parker's first time with his feet in the ocean 

Our little family


Car ride home

 See you next year beach!

What a fabulously fun vacation! Honey and I loved sharing this year's beach trip with our little boy and we can't wait to take him again next year!


  1. What a great first family trip! I love the picture of all of the cousins together too...adorable!

  2. This time next year, he is going to be running all over that beach!


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