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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Am I Normal

Am I normal because... I have to wash grapes before I can touch them much less eat them? They feel so strange before they're washed!

Am I normal because... sometimes if I'm driving behind a super slooow car I want to gently nudge them along using the front bumper of my car?

Am I normal because... I cannot tell you the plot line of any Star Wars movie? They were confusing to me back in the 80's and now with all the remakes I am even more confused. 

*Little Known Fact about me: I was Princess Leia in a princess contest once. Double buns and all.

Am I normal because... I cannot stand to lick and seal an envelopes? If I have more than a few to seal I use water and a sponge.

Am I normal because... I've never met a batter I didn't like? Cookie, cake, you name it!

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  1. You are SO normal - especially the licking part - I only use the self sticking ones now


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