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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Traditional Hippy Mommy

I've noticed in the mom-club that like high school there are categories we are expected to fall into. 

You have your hippy-granola-crunchy mom's who co-sleep, baby wear, give choices instead of discipline, cloth diaper, and make baby food. Then You have your traditional mom's who put the baby in the crib, discipline, disposable diaper and buy baby food.

I think most of the mommy's I know don't fall into one category or another. Instead they blur the lines. So it got me thinking, where do I fall I in the spectrum?

I DON'T co-sleep. In fact Parker Bear went to his crib his first night home from the hospital. I still got up every 2.5 - 3 hours to nurse him but he always went back to sleep in his crib. My reason was once he started in our room he would never, ever leave. I was too afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. So I never did.

+1 Traditional / -1 Hippy

I DO baby wear. I absolutely love nothing more than wrapping my moby wrap around my body and securing Parker inside! I wear him around the house, on outings, afternoon walks, pretty much every where and every chance I get! It's more fun for both Parker and I since I get to see him experience the world!

-1 Traditional / +1 Hippy

I DON'T make baby food. Although I would like to and I fully intended to! One time I pureed carrots for a dish I was making and held some aside for Parker. Whenever I make squash I mash some just for Parker. He has had mashed banana and avocado. But I have not ever made and frozen large batches of pureed sweet potatoes or peas which would securely hold my place in the "baby-making" category. No. Instead I buy organic baby food in a jar.

+1 Traditional / -1 Hippy

I DO cloth diaper. This was a decision I made before Parker Bear was born and although I didn't start until he was 3 months old I have never looked back! I absolutely love cloth diapering! The extra chores that go along with cloth diapering are certainly worth it to me to keep his baby bum in soft cloth diapers.

-1 Traditional / +1 Hippy

The final category is discipline. Since Parker is 9 months old we haven't started this yet. He's not to the point of doing anything he shouldn't. Or doing anything that requires us to teach him not to. Parker is still very much a baby and probably acts more like a seven month old than a nine month old due to his 5.5 weeks premature birth. When he reaches for something he can't have (coffee mug, wine glass...) I simply tell him "No, you can't have that" and we move on. He doesn't know what I'm saying and he wasn't doing anything to garner a punishment. So for now discipline is on hold. I won't rate myself on what I think I will do because we all know what you think will do simply doesn't count.

I'll have to come back to that one.

So where does that put me? Am I a traditional mommy or a hippy mommy? Well based on these four categories, I am right square in the middle! I'm one part traditional with one part hippy. 

And that sounds like a good mix to me.

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