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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ski Trip 2013

In February we went snow skiing and we took the baby! You might remember that as wedding thank you presents to our parents we gave them a trip with us. Basically we were giving them time. Our parents don't need more "things", what they want is time with us. Having Baby Parker along for both trips was just a bonus! 

We took Twinkle and Bing (my parents) to New York with us in October and last month we took GiGi and Bing (Honey's parents) to Crested Butte, Colorado on a ski trip with us.

We had a great time and Honey and I got plenty of ski time thanks to Parker's more-than-willing-to-babysit-grandparents! And as it turned out Parker's naps aligned perfectly with our ski time! Since he napped for 2-hours each morning and afternoon, we were able to just ski while he slept. It could not have been more perfect!

Here's a quick review of our trip in pictures:

Parker took advantage of the long flights to sleep in mommy's arms. Neither of us minded one bit!
We had such a great view of the snowy mountains!

When he woke up, Parker was so happy to entertain the surrounding passengers. It was very funny!

We did have a quick layover giving Parker a great opportunity to play!

And try out a restaurant high chair for the first time! 
(Despite his face in this picture he loved it!)

Upon our arrival, the resort sent a shuttle to pick us up at the airport. Parker saw more snow than he'd ever seen and he looked and looked at all of that snow until his little peepers couldn't stay open for one more second! Turns out, traveling provided great opportunities for him to nap!

Mommy and Daddy were so excited to ski! Parker stayed in the room and napped while his grandmother (GiGi) listened for him. He slept the whole time we skiied - it was perfect!

The first day we all went out to lunch. How cute is he all bundled up?

For the rest of our trip we decided to pick up lunch and eat in our condo. That way Parker could maximize his play time!

We ate out every night. Honey and I had a great time showing his parents some of our favorite restaurants and trying a few new places as well!

The city provides a wonderful shuttle service that takes us to town about 7 minutes away. We used that every night.

We loved this huge stone fireplace in the lobby of the lodge where we stayed.
Parker broadened his horizons by watching the Presidential Address with Daddy.

On Valentine's Day Parker didn't waste anytime tasting his card from Mommy and Daddy!

Honey and I enjoyed some Valentine's Day ski time together. One of our favorite runs goes through a neighborhood with gorgeous ski chalets that look like lodges. We had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

We had a fun dinner out trying a new restaurant.

Daddy enjoyed reading one of his favorite stories to his little bear cub.

The weather was perfect for skiing! Sunny with lots of fresh powder!

Every day after our morning ski session we would bring hot cocoa back to the condo. Parker Bear loved this time of day because these cups were great play toys!

I loved wearing my monogrammed base layer that my sis-in-law gave me for Christmas!

 Our very last day was spent in town exploring. We had beautiful weather and a great time walking around together!

 Our last night was very special! We had our favorite dinner in our favorite restaurant! 

We all had a great trip! Honey and I are already discussing our next trip ski trip!


  1. loved following you via instagram! Time together is the best!!

  2. What wonderfully fun memories! I love the picture of GiGi and Parker- so sweet! As I was reading this I couldn't help thinking about David's first ski trip. It's hard to believe Parker is close to his age when he went for the first time.


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