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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Am I Normal

Just checking, but...

Am I normal because... when I get a sushi craving I have. to. have. sushi? I mean once I get that craving there is no going back.

Am I normal because... I talk to my dogs like they are people? I narrate my day to them, ask their opinion, and explain situations to them. We pretty much keep a running commentary all day long.

Am I normal because... I feel like I can tell the stylist at the hair salon anything? There is something therapeutic about that chair of theirs...

Am I normal because... I hear every little sound in the house when Honey is out of town? When he's home our house seems normal but when he's gone? This place is a symphony of creaks and groans!

Am I normal because... I play out intense, detailed, scenes similar to the fight scenes in 300 to people who ring our doorbell? Seriously? There's not only a piece of paper taped over it, but the paper says not to ring the bell.

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