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Friday, March 1, 2013

Parker Lately: 9 Month Post

Our Parker Bear turned nine months on February 12th and like each month before it I find myself asking, really? Nothing makes time move faster than watching children grow!

Here is a update on our little Parker, Lately.
Parker Bear is the happiest baby I think I have ever seen. And no I'm not saying that because he's mine. He actually is extremely happy! He seems to love everything about his life which makes it so much more fun for Honey and me!

Sleeping - Parker still sleeps like a champ! He takes two 1.5 hour naps every day like clockwork at 11 AM and 4 PM and he sleeps at least twelve hours each night. He sleeps from 9 PM until 9 AM and we love that! When we travel or have events that prevent us from sticking strictly to his schedule (hey, we have a life to live and we want Parker to be a part of that!) he is pretty adaptable which is nice. When we are at home, he sleeps in his crib all night long and for each nap. I love that he gets such wonderful sleep!

Nursing - Baby Parker nurses five times a day: when he wakes up at 9 AM, again after his morning nap around 12:30 PM, then in the afternoon around 3 PM, again after his afternoon nap around 5:30 PM and finally after his bath but before story time around 8:45 PM. Even though he has been eating more "real" food he has not lost any interest in nursing and I haven't either!

Eating - Parker has really taken a liking to eating food this last month! We are still eating organic baby food (1's and 2's) from a jar but we have also graduated to some mashed food! He has tried mommy's squash, bananas and avocado. We have a fabulous mesh feeder that is wonderful to put food into and let him try to feed himself. He also likes yogurt off of mommy's spoon!

Bath Time - Bath time has continued to be a family-favorite in our house! Parker takes a bath every night (more to keep a consistent routine than to wash actual dirt off of him) and he absolutely loves his bath! He always gets a second wind as Honey is undressing him for bath time and just gets so giddy and silly! Honey and I just love to play with him and watch him in the tub. He is still in the whale tub with the infant insert and loves to practice kicking his little feet! He will soon graduate to the tub without the infant insert so that he can sit up inside the tub. The way we do it now is working so I don't think we'll change too soon.

Hands / Feet - Baby Parker's hands are so busy! He loves to reach and grab and explore with his little hands. He is getting so good at grabbing and holding things. He loves to find and bite his feet which is just too cute! He is reaching out for us and touching our faces every chance he gets, which of course melts our hearts!

Social - Parker Bear is a very social little baby. When people smile at him (including strangers) he will smile right back. When people talk to him he usually talks back. When we sing to him or he hears music playing he has started "dancing"! He bounces his legs and moves his arms and laughs! We love it! Parker has also started playing pee-a-boo. If we cover his head loosely with a blanket while we say "Where is Parker?", he will pull the blanket off his head with the biggest smile on his little face!


Milestones - No big news to report here. Still not rolling over or crawling. The biggest recent milestones are sitting up, which he has mastered now, and eating, which he loves!

Nine Month Appointment - At his nine month appointment we received these stats: 

Weight: 21 lbs 12 ozs (66%)
Height: 29 inches (70%) - note he was in the 35% at his 6 month appointment. He's grown!

The doctor was not at all concerned that he had not rolled over or crawled. She told us that she is very pleased with his social skills. She also informed us that very happy, content babies are usually the last to get mobile. She indicated that happy babies are just so happy with everything the way it is that it does not occur to them to take the steps to get mobile. She said that fussy babies are usually the first to crawl because they are working to get to something but happy babies are content with things the way they are. 

I am so very pleased with the report from the doctor and his development in general!

Parker Bear, Mommy and Daddy just love you more and more every day. Even when we don't think it's possible to love you more we find that we just do! Your smile and sweet laughter are infectious to everyone around you! You are such a loved little baby and it brings such joy to our faces when we see how you impact everyone you encounter. We love watching you grow and just try to soak up every minute knowing that each one is fleeting as time continues to move so quickly. The smell of your skin after your bath, the warmth of your body after your nap, the smile covered in carrots at the dinner table, the little hands grabbing our cheek, the laugh that accompanies all the little games we play with you - all of these things are so precious to us. We love you so much!

Happy Nine Months Parker Bear!


  1. I'm pretty sure I have never seen a more happy baby!

  2. Such a sweetheart! He is growing too fast. I'm so glad all went well at his last appointment.


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