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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up

Happy-Day-After-Halloween to you all! A day when you regret the candy you devoured enjoyed yesterday. A day when you realize that you don’t want to be two one jean’s size bigger. A day you vow to go on a starvation diet. Until Thanksgiving.

This was our *first* Halloween with a little one of course and we had such a fun time!
Halloween started last Saturday night when we attended a birthday party for our friend’s little girl who turned one. Little ones were *encouraged* to dress up in their Halloween costumes and we were not going to miss out on that! So Parker dressed up in his… Lion costume! Roar!

We had such a good time and I loved giving Parker the opportunity to be around some other children his age. 

That night when we got home, we carved our *first family pumpkin*. We had a great time together showing Parker his pumpkin and letting him be a part of the process (as much as a 5.5 month old can)!

Checking out his pumpkin

The carving

Approving of Daddy's work!

The next day was “trunk-or-treat” at our church. Now, this might be a *southern thang* because some of my northern friends had not heard of this before. So trunk or treat is when everyone brings candy and the little ones go from car to car - or trunk to trunk - collecting candy. It’s a fun time! Parker Bear, or Lion in this case, smiled at absolutely everyone who spoke to him and then *promptly* fell asleep on mommy’s shoulder! Honey and I had a great time visiting with friends and seeing all their little's dressed up!

Mommy and her little lion

Honey as the Duck Commander himself from Duck Dynasty (ha!!)

Halloween Family (clearly I didn't dress up. Boo.)

Finally it was *Halloween* and we were so excited to take Baby Parker to a few neighbors’ houses to trick or treat!

Mommy and her two boys all ready to go

Before and After, taken 20 mins apart. Smiling at everyone and being so cute is hard work!

After trick or treating we came home so that Parker could help give out candy to all the trick or treat-ers who came to our house!

Daddy built a fire

Was that the doorbell?

Our humble abode ready for Halloween guests

It was such a fun evening and we had a great time. Certainly the best Halloween yet!


  1. Ok his smile was so beautiful! What a happy baby!!

    Great photos - and I love that you were able to have him wear the costume several times!

    You are looking beautiful like always


  2. Parker is just too cute! I literally laughed out loud at his photo awake & asleep 20 minutes later, ha! Looks like you guys made some wonderful memories - it just keeps getting more fun from here on out!!


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