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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Oh hi Wednesday, I almost didn't see you there. It must be time once again to link up with Life After I “Dew” and say...

So what if… I am a sucker for anything with my son's name on it? Case in point...

So what if… I discovered there was leftover Halloween candy in the bowl on top of the refrigerator? This is not good. (These are the pieces that apparently no body wanted.)

So what if… I did not blog at all last week? Not one day. See also: yesterday's post,  how do blogging mamas do it?

So what if… I love nursing? Even though Baby P turned six months this week, we are in no hurry to move on to solid foods. It is so easy to feed him! All we need is baby + mommy and we are happy to oblige! 

So what if… I am super excited that we are approximately one week from Thanksgiving? I love this time of year! On a related note, how it time flying this fast?

So what if… I shopped at Old Navy for the first time in years? They have some really cute stuff! Who knew? And with their prices, I think I may need to pop in there more often.


Well that's all I've got this week. What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I just want to eat Parker up.. he. is. adorable!!!

  2. Oh my gosh I am completely and totally obsessed wtih ON. I swear I dont work for ON but on 11/27/12 if you are a card holder you get 40% off EVERYTHING!! I am totally going!

    Stopping by from the link up to say hi :)


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