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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interruption of Service Continued

I apologize for the continued interruption of service from the usual Suddenly Snowden posts but I must share with you some more about my fabulous Thirty One party!

Did you know that...
You can get five products for only FIVE DOLLARS during my party?
Thirty One has a Collegiate Collection called SPIRIT?
One lucky follower will WIN Thirty One products for FREE?

I am so excited to share all of this with you today!

First up, the FIVE DOLLAR DEAL! During my party Thirty One is offering a fabulously wonderful special! For every $31 you spend, which let's face it ladies, is not that hard to do, you can get of of these fabulous products for only $5!

The products are from left to right:

The Thermal Tote (normally $18) - this is a super cute lunch box great for little ones, teens, working moms or anyone on the go! I use this all the time when I am in the car for more than one hour. (What? I get hungry!) I have also found that it is perfect for transporting milk for the baby and will come in handy for snacks in the near future! The thermal tote comes in NINETEEN different color options and can of course be monogrammed!

The Timeless Wristlet (normally $25) - this is a super great item for those of us on the go! Great for holding your phone, license and credit card without weighing you down! I throw this in my diaper bag when I'm out with the baby. It's also great to throw into a larger tote without having to carry a purse as well. Less is more sometimes, right? This product comes in five fabulous different color options!

The Cinch Sac (normally $20) - this makes a great "first" back pack for the little's in your life! It's lightweight so it won't get too heavy and comes in FOURTEEN different color patterns, including camo, perfect for little boys! This product can be monogrammed to make a personalized gift! The Cinch Sac also makes a great gym bag or a great bag to carry shopping if you are eco-friendly and don't want to take those nasty plastic bags!

The Mini Utility Bin (normally $22) - this bin is one of my absolute favorite products from Thirty One! I have these stashed in literally every room in our house! I use them to coral Parker's toys for quick clean ups! They look so cute sitting around our house. I also have them in my linen closet to hold washcloths for guests which makes such a pretty presentation! I keep them in closets and in my pantry as well. Who said getting organized can't be cute? The Mini Utility Bin comes in four perfect color options including camo which is so cute for little boys! Like all Thirty One products this can be monogrammed as well!

The Timeless Beauty Bag (normally $25) - this fabulous cosmetic bag is great to hold all your beauty supplies whether at home or on the go. What I love about this bag is that when it's time to hit the road for a weekend getaway you don't have to pack your essentials, they are already organized and ready to go for you! What a time saver! The Beauty Bag is available in three colors and can of course be monogrammed!

So those are the products that are available for FIVE DOLLARS! What a great deal! But what about the Collegiate collection? Well Thirty One has worked with several colleges and universities to obtain exclusive rights to monogram official college logos on their products! Now you can get a fabulous Thirty One product with your favorite team's logo on it in a coordinating color product! Here are all the colleges and universities that are currently participating in this fabulous collection!

And finally, what about winning FREE Thirty One products? Yes, it is true one lucky follower will receive a Thirty One product absolutely for free! More to come on the FREE products and how to qualify. You must be a follower of this blog to quality for the free products and you must place and order through this party, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and become a Suddenly Snowden follower and visit the Thirty One web site to view the online catalog and be thinking about your order!

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  1. Nicole, I might place a order. i will know for sure tomorrow.
    I also nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for details.


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