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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keeping Up with the Bloggers

I love this blog.

I love that I can keep a record of our life.

I love that I will be able to look back at this blog and see what we did; what I thought about; what we looked like.

I love that my children will be able to reference this blog and see what our life was like. See how much we loved them.

I love having my little corner of the internet to write what I please.

*I love this blog!*

I only have one wish for this blog - I wish for *time* to keep up with this blog! I have a list of post titles for days, posts I want to write to document our life and share my thoughts. But the list of titles has remained just that - a list of *titles*. No content. No blog posts.

How do other moms do it? Seriously?! How do they keep up with their blogs so seemingly effortlessly? I have had some success with writing out *several* posts at a time as I know other bloggy-mama's do. But I am seeing a sad trend here that I need a better system to keep up with the blog.

I am sorry that I didn't post at all last week. I am sorry that this week isn't looking too good either.

So bloggy-mama's, share your secrets with me. How do you do it? When do you blog? How do you keep your posts coming in?

See also, when my husband asked me what a I want for Christmas, I answered... *time*. Wrap that up in a big package for me please Santa. True story.


  1. Hey Girlie - I really write posts when I feel it. When something hits me. Then I got and I schedule them to post. My goal is Monday - Friday to have a post going out. Then I started my Forget It FRIDAY as a catch up to get rid of the crap!! I don't have a rhyme or reason for what I do! Just my scattered brain.

    1. Thanks Sharee! Great response! I have the desire to write all the time - I have so many posts cooked up in my head - it's just finding the precious time. You are so good at posting every day. I want to be more like you :) Seriously!!

  2. I need some help, too!! Since Connor has arrived, my space in the blogger world has been very neglected.

  3. That's so funny that you asked for time for Christmas. Last year I asked Ryan if I could move some items on my "To Do" list to my Christmas list. :) I may actually do it this year!


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