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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Spring oh and Merry Christmas

Remember the time I forgot to blog about Parker's first Christmas? About our first Christmas as a family of three? As I was getting geared up to to share about Easter I remembered that Christmas was still waiting it's turn. Well no time like April for a post-Easter Christmas update!

We were so excited to spend our first family Christmas at our home in front of our tree with Santa coming down our chimney! Of course we wanted to see our families and celebrate with them too so we ended up having a mid-December pre-Christmas "Christmas" with both sides of the family. 

We headed to my parents and to Honey's parents for a few days at each house celebrating, exchanging gifts, eating good food and making memories of Parker's First Christmas. (Somehow I managed to get pictures of Parker with only one cousin on each side although he has two cousins on each side!)

Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

On the way home from visiting with our families we stopped at the North Pole to sit on Santa's lap!

Then we returned home to begin our celebration! The day before Christmas Eve I spent the day Parker's nap times in the kitchen prepping a feast for us to eat on Christmas Eve. (Since I don't believe in spending Christmas Day in the kitchen, we enjoyed our family feast on Christmas Eve and leftovers on Christmas Day. I highly recommend this approach!)

Christmas Eve was so much fun! I got my dishes in the oven and my pots on the stove that morning while we enjoyed our day at home as a family. I even cooked a turkey. Yes. A Turkey. In my oven. Both Honey and I were surprised at how good it turned out since it was my first time. And I learned that cooking a turkey is sorta fun. Never EVER thought I'd say that! 

Also on the menu were Cornbread & Biscuit Dressing, Field Peas, Carrot Souffle, Brussels Sprouts with Hollandaise, Cheddar Bay Biscuits and of course the Turkey. Dessert was "Christmas Wreaths" and Campfire Pie. We loved every finger-licking minute of that meal and I have never felt more like a domestic wife + mommy!

Not long after Parker Bear went to bed on Christmas Eve, Honey and I placed some milk and homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies by the fire and went to bed ourselves. Sometime that night Santa Claus arrived and filled our stockings and placed our presents beneath the tree. We were so excited!! Our first Christmas with a baby for us to begin to share the wonders of Christmas with!!

Christmas was so much fun! Parker woke up at his usual time (9 am) and after he nursed we brought him down to let him begin to explore what Santa Claus brought. 

It was so much fun! Of course the gifts with their shiny paper and bright bows were often times more exciting to him that the actual gifts but it made such a fun morning opening presents together. 

Here is what our Christmas morning looked like:

During Parker's nap, Honey and I exchanged our presents and then after Parker woke up we all had lunch together. We spent the afternoon playing, playing, playing!! 

It was such a wonderfully fun Christmas and I never, ever want to forget it. I already can't wait for next Christmas when Parker will be nineteen months old. The fun continues...

So Merry Christmas, er, Happy Spring!


  1. Love his chair!! I got one for matthew for his first birthday this august :)!! I love your jammie pants too!!

  2. So sweet! I love his Santa photo, most kids would be screaming at his age!

  3. I am going to be cooking Thanksgiving for our family this year and I hope it turns out as yet as your Christmas meal did.

    Connor "enjoyed" Christmas as much as any 2 month old would so I am really looking forward to celebrating his 2nd Christmas, when he will be almost 14 months old!


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