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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today Was Not Wedneday

Today? Yeah about that. It wasn't Wednesday. 

It was Tuesday. 

Why is this important? Because I posted my So What Wednesday post today. That's right. On Tuesday. Because today? Was actually Tuesday.

Oh yes, that gave me a good laugh.

Today our former nanny, Nanny M, come to play with Baby Parker so that I could go get a pedicure run some errands. After I got out of the salon, feeling great about my day so far, one of my most devoted followers (hi Julie!) texted me to tell me it was Wednesday

Well, duh, I mean, I know that. So why was she texting me this?

Oh, because she had been to the blog. And she had noticed that I posted... So What WednesdayToday? On Tuesday? Oops! Then, I laughed until I almost cried. But not only because I posted a post on the wrong day. No, I laughed until I almost cried because we caught up on some other stuff and that's usually something I do when Julie and I text... 

Anyway, back to today. Which was Tuesday.

Well, I've been very good lately about posting and keeping up with my blog (yay for making and meeting a personal goal!) and one of my keys to success is writing several posts when I can and scheduling them in Blogger. 

Well that works well for me except for when I accidentally schedule Tuesday's post for Wednesday and Wednesday's post for Tuesday. Now under normal circumstances, not even my most devoted followers would not notice this. Most of my posts are not exactly day-specific, right?

But So What Wednesday? That is a post for Wednesday's. That's pretty obvious. 

So yes I did that. I posted a post devoted to saying So What Wednesday. On Tuesday. So What? Ah well, we all got a good laugh. And surely no one so more than me. Oh my life...

And I must also say thank you to Stephanie and my mom for also letting me know this morning (moments after Julie did) that today was Tuesday. Thank you for having my back!

Happy Tuesday! By the way, tomorrow? Is Wednesday?


  1. hahaha! I have to admit that I LOVE this!!! You arehuman and we all make mistakes! But the fact that you just laughed it off is awesome! I hope you had an awesome time "running errands" I can't remember the last time I did that!

  2. I may not know the date but I do know what day it is. So, when I saw So What Wednesday for the post I had a mini heart attack!! I know that I am losing it in the head but missing a entire day???? I'm glad we got to have a good laugh!! :)

  3. It happens to us all. I seem to be having a really tough time remembering what day it is recently, so I actually didn't even notice that your SWW was posted a day early. I went right along with it. So, I guess I'm losing my mind too. :) YAY!


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