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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew to say SO WHAT Wednesday! 
So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying:

So What... If every lamp in our house is set to turn off and on with a timer? Our house is on the market so it needs to be lit up during the day and the last thing I want to do when we finally get ready to leave the house is run around and turn all the lamps on.

So What... If Honey hates the above mentioned lamp timers? He's not the one who would have to run around turning on said timers in a rush to get out the door. Right? But I am sorry that the lights randomly turn off at night when we're watching TV. Such is life with a house on the market! (See Also: Never Sell Your House.)

So What... If I've got Parker Bear and myself 80% packed for our upcoming trip to the beach? No more staying up totally stressed out the night before a trip! (Ok last time was an exception due to circumstances beyond my control BUT if such circumstances come up again, this mama's prepared!) 

So What... If I am certain I appear like a crotchety-hermit-grouch to anyone and everyone who appears at our front door? The original sign I had taped over the doorbell did not deter anyone from knocking on our door to their little hearts content while I rush around trying to quiet the dog because noooo one ever knocks causing the dog to bark when Parker is awake. No. They specifically wait until he is asleep and come bee-boping up to our front door and bang knock so that my wonderful guard dog Cash barks his head off to deter them. Sheesh! Hopefully my new professionally made sign will keep knocking, door bell ringing, and even just visitors to a minimum when Parker is asleep.

So What... If Parker and I made our FIRST EVER car trip for more than 2 hours alone together? We made a 4 hour drive (with one stop) together and we both did great! Cash was along for the ride too and as a seasoned back seat traveler I think he did a great job showing Parker Bear the ropes.

So What... If I haven't posted Parker's first birthday post yet? My sister-in-law took so many amazing pictures I have to select my favorites to post. That's hard to do! I hope to get that post up soon!

So What... If my little blog has a home grown Blogger template? I am so excited about my upcoming makeover! My little bitty blog is going to look so grown up!

Hooray for Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! Are you saying SO WHAT to anything today?!

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