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Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh Hi There June

Wow, it's June already. 

That can only mean two things... 

One, we should start hearing Christmas music at the mall any minute now. Right?

And Two, this will start what might be the busiest month of our lives! Seriously!

When this month comes to a close, all of our belongings will be packed up and loaded onto a moving truck and on their way to Kansas. And between now and moving day, our family is going to be busy to say the least! 

Now, I don't want to give too much away. Our super fun but very busy month will all be documented here on the blog, of course so please stay tuned for details.

As much as we'd like to savor our last four weeks in the beautiful, rolling hills of Tennessee, enjoying the place we've called home for the last two years, we are going to spend the majority of what little time we will be at home packing... and unpacking... and packing... and unpacking.

It will be exciting for us to say the very least!

So, Hello June! Hello to our last month as Tennessee residents. Hello to my first Army move. Hello to Kansas. 

Hello June. And please, take your time!

Take all the time you need.


  1. We have a busy month as well here in Texas. But I can say, I am not looking forward to the heat that is coming our way. I am used to August being the hot summer month, not May thru September!

    I am so excited to watch your adventure to Kansas. You will be my first Kansas friend.

  2. I'm excited for our entire month of June too! It's going to be a bit unusual, but fun. And SO I'm glad we get to spend 1/4 of the month with y'all before you move!


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