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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Parker Lately

Parker is doing so much these days! I continue to be amazing at how much he is learning. And so quickly! Here are some of the new things he is doing... lately.

Pop Your Paci
We taught Parker to take his paci out by asking him to "pop his paci". I know, I know, but I couldn't think of a better term so it is now known as "pop your paci". This may come back to haunt us. Anyway, I digress, the point is that Parker is spitting out his paci upon request! Here is a short video of him "popping his paci":

Give It To Mommy, Please
Parker Bear has also started giving things to us when asked. When he has something in his hand, I can ask him to "give that to Mommy" and he hands it to me! And then I hand it back,  and we do it again like a little game. It is amazing how fast he has picked this up! Here is a video of him giving his paci to me and then to Daddy:

So proud of himself!

Baby Parker has also started "pointing" at things. He has a unique way of pointing, he does not point his finger but instead he reaches his whole arm, hand, and all fingers in the direction of something he is looking at or that he wants us to look at. It is so cute! I know that all too soon he will point his little finger and once he does that he will never point like this again so I am really enjoying this cute little manuever of his.  Here is a picture of him pointing at the fan (with his paci in his hand, he sometimes points at something while he is holding something. A benefit of a non-finger-point I suppose).

Oh, Hi Cash
Another fun thing Parker as learned is "Cash", our puppy dog. This is really no surprise because Cash is wherever Parker and I are all day long and I probably say Cash's name as often as I do Parker's name! Parker has always loved Cash - he loves to watch Cash, talk to Cash, pet Cash, get licked by Cash, laugh at Cash for apparently no reason - he loves Cash. But I have noticed that whenever I say "Oh, Hi Cash" or "Where's Cash", Parker immediately looks at Cash Dog. Well I realize I might be alone here but I am impressed!

It was difficult to document me saying Cash's name and Parker looking at him so instead here are some cute pictures of Parker and Cash.

This is the newest of Parker's tricks but he has started waving! He started this on his own my mimicing us waving to him. It is so cute when he does it because his waves are quite big! And he is so proud of himself whenever he waves. I hope to get a picture or video to add to my next "Parker Lately" post. Since this is new, he doesn't yet do it as often as his other acts!

Parker is still kissing (he LOVES to give kisses), clapping (we still watch him on the monitor clapping away in his bed) and showing us how big he is (another action we see often on the monitor). 

It is amazing how fast he is picking up on words and actions. Just growing right before our very eyes!

I can't wait to see what he does next! We love watching our Baby Parker and all the things he is doing... Lately!


  1. he is so cute! And just so you know those two will be best friends! When we come home Sydney runs looking for Piggy and hugs her before we leave and when we come back. The bond just grows stronger and stronger the older she gets.

  2. We have been saying "pop your paci" since David was 6 months old and it hasn't come back to haunt us with him or Rachael.


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