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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exploring the Frontier Town of Itty Bitty Weston

Diaper bag? Check.
Portable high chair? Check.
Parker's lunch and snacks? Check.
Doors locked? Yes.
Did Cash go out? Yes.
Water bottle? Got it.

One of the best parts about this year is taking the time as a little family to explore our year-long-home-away-from-home here in Kansas. And regardless of how long or short the drive is, Honey and I run through that checklist every single time we head out.
Recently  we spent a Saturday afternoon visiting the charming little nearby town of Weston. There is so.much.history in this part of the world! Where we currently live was at one time the very edge of the frontier and getting to see that part of our history first-hand is a fun bonus to living in Kansas.

Home to "Buffalo" Bill Cody, the oh-so-adorable town of Weston, Kansas is just a short drive from our house. 
We walked along ancient brick sidewalks as we poked in and out of shops from antique stores, candle-making shops, western-inspired furniture markets, funky clothing shops, this town had a little bit of everything!
There were plaques on nearly every single one of the buildings to explain what that particular building once was. We enjoyed reading about the former butcher shops and saloons that once lined the streets of this pioneer town!
We had a fabulous lunch in a wonderful little 1800's-farmhouse-turned-restaurant. Just the walk to this particular eatery was lovely!
We ate right across the street from what just might be the most picturesque cottage this side of the Mississippi. I mean, who lives here?
The three of us had such a great time checking out the town of Weston.
And since it was Saturday afternoon, and a warm one, and it sounded so good, we finished off our fun family day with a chocolate malted milkshake!
Now the only question is, where to next?!


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  1. We did the same thing this spring since it was our first in Texas. Georgetown is just a neighboring city that I adore. Connor and I visit the shops there monthly. Mostly just to see what's new.


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