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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trucks and Parties

They are big.
They move.
They are loud.
They carry heavy stuff.
And starting at a very young age, boys love them.

It's true - there is just something about a boy and a truck!

Even at just under 15 months, Parker has the *truck bug* that all males seem to aquire at some point in their lives.  He already loves his "jeep" and his "race car" which used to belong to his Daddy. And watching actual cars and trucks driving down the road? To a baby boy, that is simply amazing!

So you can imagine Parker Bear's excitement when we were invited to a "Construction Zone" themed birthday party for a friend's 2-year-old boy. 

First he got an up close look at the Birthday Zone sign thanks to Daddy's shoulders:

And he practiced his favorite new thing - waving - to all the guests:

Then he got his very own hard hat!

But he wasn't too sure about wearing that hat!

He took some time to check out the toys in the birthday boy's play area:

And then he found the Best. Toy. Ever. a cement truck!

When it was time to go, Parker waved bye-bye to everyone:

We had such a good time at this adorably themed party! A perfect Saturday afternoon with boys... and trucks! 


  1. Connor has started showing much more interest in cars and trucks, anything he can push across the floor.

    I guess it's safe to say our world is now truly dominanted by all things boy.

  2. Matthew is really starting to get into cars like that too!! I love it!!

  3. Boys and vehicles, it's amazing. They can never have enough. Get ready, your house is going to be a construction site, a racetrack, and a train station very soon. :)


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