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Friday, August 23, 2013


Whoo Hoo! It's Friday and another great week is coming to an end while a super fun weekend awaits! Here is what I am saying HIVE FIVE for this FRIDAY!

ONE - Getting my hair did! This is huge because it was my first time at a salon in our new town of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and I loved the salon, stylist, and outcome! (We walked around outside while my color set. What? You mean you don't do that??)
TWO - I now have a www and FaceBook page for my little tiny blog. So fun!
THREE - This week Parker and I spent one day at home It was so much fun to have the day to play in our playroom, take our time with breakfast and lunch, go outside to swing, take a wagon ride around our hood. It was just a good day. All the way around!
FOUR - I am hosting my first ever G I V E  A W A Y !! Check back soon for the big announcement and enter to win a custom made monogram tabletop frame - so excited!
and FIVE - Breakfast for dinner. Sometimes there is just nothing better!

Happy Friday!!



  1. Love your foils ;) And your face. Your baby. Your blog. Your world.


  2. Love your pictures and your 5's this week. Everything about your blog is so cute!


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