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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
"What day is it? C'mon I know you can hear me!" Oh that commercial still cracks me up. Probably because due to the lack of TV I catch these days I've seriously only seen it twice. 
Well that aside it is Wednesday and I am so excited to be saying SO WHAT Wednesday! Here is what I am saying so what to this week:

So What... If this sign hangs on our door every day all day long during nap time. If the UPS man knocks on the door, then a chain-reaction beyond my control is immediately set into action: the dog barks, I jump three feet into the air, and the baby *might* wake up. I'm not taking the chance. Trust me, I'm tracking my packages. No need to knock. Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.

So What... If I don't iron. My husband asked me (before we were married no less!), "how do you get things ironed if you don't own an iron?" Um, the dry cleaners. Hello! They do more than clean, they can iron. They can even iron stuff you already washed. Yes, you can get an iron-only service and it's usually same day. So that's how I get things ironed.

So What... If this beautiful Vitamix box is siting still all sealed up on the floor. I am so excited to crack this baby open! But truthfully, I feel like reading the book it comes with and watching the video are going to take some serious time dedication and intense concentration. So I'll have to get back to the Vitamix when I have at least one of those to give.

So What... If I actually filed a complaint with the recreation service here on post for closing the pool on school days. Do they think the rest of us don't want to swim? Well thanks to their give-us-your-feedback website which is regularly distributed, I "provided feedback". Normally people don't even ask me for my feedback before I share it. I was just glad to be asked! *By the way, I checked the box saying - Yes I would like to be contacted regarding this feedback. I'm still waiting.

So What... If I made the most un-healthy, un-clean, un-Paleo, most-fabulous dessert treat ever, not once but twice this week? Yes. Honey requested chocolate-covered-cookie-dough-truffles for us to take for dinner at a friend's house and again for Honey to take to class. Oh don't mind me as I wear one of Honey's size L t-shirts over my body this weekend. Blech.

So What... If I can't remember a darn thing if it's not written down but I was able to recite completely from memory the book "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way" to Parker Bear? But it is his favorite book, and one of mine too! (Photo from July 18th when we were moving in. That's our air mattress.)

Well that's what I'm saying SO WHAT to this week! That felt pretty good. What about you? What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. I need one of those signs for the front door. The moment the doorbell rings, Simon howls, Tug barks and then Connor awake. It totalllllllly ruins the day.

  2. I need that sign for my door!!! It never fails, the mailman/UPS/FedEx guy will ring the door when the little man is sleeping. That doorbell makes the dog go BONKERS!! Gah!


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