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Sunday, February 5, 2012

And Suddenly, We're Expecting!!

My husband and I thought we’d wait until after a year of marriage before trying to have children… the key word there is *thought* because as it turns out, God and Mother Nature had other plans. I still find it hard to believe that on Monday, October 17th we learned that we are going to be parents!

Even though we were going to wait a year, we heard from many couples that conceiving doesn’t always just “happen”. Based on this less-than-scientific-evidence, we decided not to worry too too too much about preventing pregnancy. [Enter Mother Nature.]

Before learning of our pregnancy I had day-dreamed, as I’m sure many wives do, of a cute and creative way to spill the news to my unsuspecting hubs, but as my life goes these days, planning and reality rarely meet. 

The day I suspected I was pregnant was also the day My Honey was planning to go out of town. Thoughts of having to share this news over the phone drove me straight to the drug store where I promptly picked up a box containing three pregnancy tests. Honey and I had already planned to meet at home for lunch before he headed out of town so I knew I had one opportunity to share the potentially positive test results in person!

Since I drink water like a fish I took the test immediately and then waited the longest two minutes of my life! I’ll never forget the moment of truth – seeing the “+” sign appear in the window. I called Honey and learned he was seven minutes away, giving me another wait that felt like forever! Now you might think that I could use those seven minutes to come up with some kind of creative way to spill the news (like write the message in a sharpie across my belly, wrap the test up like a present… I mean something, right??) Instead I paced the house, looking out the window every 30 seconds, and was unable to accomplish even the simplest task – like fixing two sandwiches. The only decision I did make was that a full on ambush seemed like the best way to deliver the news.

Finally Honey got home and I somehow managed to play it cool for about 45 seconds. The next minute went a little like this:

Me:   Since you are going out of town, I didn’t want to risk sharing this news over the phone…

Honey: thinksOk what is this going to be? She wrecked the car? Something happened at work? …”

Me: …so just to be safe I took this but I don’t know what it means <hands over pregnancy test & instructions>. Can you help me figure it out?

Honey: …what is this?...

Me: <silence>

Honey: …ok, let me see here… <looks at pregnancy test, opens instructions and begins to read> … well it looks like it says that you are … not pregnant.

Me: <silence>

Honey: … WAIT… WAIT A MINUTE <he figured it out> … I think this, no this does say, this says you are pregnant!!!

The first test was accurate. So were the other two that were in that box. We spent the next hour celebrating together!!

So get ready world – Baby Snowden is due to arrive June 19th ish 2012!!! 

First photo taken of us after we learned the news (Think I'm 10 weeks here)


Last Christmas with us us and the dogs


Last New Year's Eve as just "us" - next year we'll be a family of three!



  1. Too cute! The way I told my hubs that I was pregnant wasn't as exciting as your story!

    I had just gone to Target and got a pregnancy test and came home from school. He was waiting for me there and I took it and didn't think it would actually be positive! That was 3 1/2 years ago and I will now have a 3 year old in April!

    1. Thanks Lizzy :) I bet you were surprised when you saw that positive result!!

  2. I LOVE that story! It's so funny. I can't wait to hold that little Baby Snowden!!

    1. I was laughing to myself when I was writing it out, his face was just priceless - should have had a video camera!! I can't wait to hold that little baby and for him to meet his sweet Aunt Lindsay :)

  3. My husband and I are trying to conceive as well. We will be married a year in June and with how long it could take, we decided to let Mother Nature take control! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I hope it goes well (you know, no morning sickness, out of control weight gain or fierce mood swings).

    1. I think letting Mother Nature take control is best :) I am SUCH a total planner though it was really out of character for me to come to that decision! So far I've had no sickness whatsoever and the weight gain was so minimal I actually asked my doctor why my bump was so small at my appointment this week! He laughed and I won't be asking that next time :) Mood swings... you'll have to ask my husband about that!


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