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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Shoppe Birthday

If there are two things I love dearly they would be road trips that include my husband and our puppy dogs and strawberry cake! Having both of these favorites is certainly the sign of a pretty fabulous day! 

Well, this past weekend Honey and I loaded up the dogs and took a road trip to Birmingham, Alabama for our niece’s second birthday party! My sister-in-law T is a fabulous party planner and always manages to pull off the cutest parties for her girls. Here are a few pictures of our day including the too-cute set up and our sweet nieces!

Daphne & Cash each grabbed a toy and jumped in the car

I'm not sure what Cash saw but I love that face!

The party set up
I love the lollipop ball - lollipop's stuck into a styrofoam ball! The beautiful (and delicious) cake had lollipop shaped icing on top! Chocolate covered pretzel sticks were a staple and the fruit cups in the cupcake tier made an attractive and healthy sweet snack!

 Pink and green M&M's along with penguin shaped sugar cookies rounded out the treat table!

The birthday girl ready to dig in!

Me with the birthday girl and her big sis
Honey and his nieces
The girls always want time to play with Cash Dog! They love on him while he happily doles out big kisses and sweet snuggles. I missed capturing him kissing their faces but there will be many more opportunities to get a picture of that! He loves all of his little cousins!

Cash giving O a snuggle

He always has time for kisses

The girls love to pet Cash

He is so gentle with them!
Everybody had a great time - road trip, dogs, strawberry cake, nieces... what could be better?!


  1. Your pups are adorable! I love when kids aren't afraid of big dogs...we have a big dog and even though he's super loving, some kids are still afraid of him

    1. Thanks Leigh!! They are like our children :) You can see more pics of them in a post I did earlier this month - "our children have tails" - we love them so much!! Some kids are afraid of our dogs too. I guess if they aren't used to big dogs they don't know what to make of them!

  2. What a fantastic lil party! Is your SIL for hire, ha ha? That's wonderful that your dogs are so good with the young kiddos -- they will be at least a little familiar with having a baby around. Our greyhound's world was rocked and I still don't think she knows how she got into this predicament, lol. But she's been patient, sweet & SO tolerant so far.

    1. It was fantastic and my SIL SHOULD be for hire!! She is seriously so creative with her girls parties among many other things :) That is hilarious about your greyhound! Our 3-year old puppy LOVES children and has been asking ever since we got married when we were going to get one of those little things! He even loves babies - it is precious. Now my 12 year old queen bee is definitely not going to know what is going on but she is a sweet girl and if mama likes the baby then she will like the baby :)


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