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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Children Have Tails

Yes we are one of those families… the kind that have dogs for “children”. The dogs came to the marriage with me and my husband has fallen hopelessly in love with them as well. 

Daphne Doodle is turning 13 years old this April. She’s a petite little dog who does things her way. She is very particular! Cash Dog is only three and the most loving 75-pound puppy dog I have ever known. They are really good for each other and they make my day every single day!

While I can go on and on for days about their personalities and their antics that keep my honey and I laughing on a regular basis, I’ll spare you. Instead I'll share a few of my favorite pictures of our precious pups!

Daphne and I back when she was competing

Baby Cash on his first boat ride

Daphne and Cash, Christmas 2011, at my parents house

Daphne Doodle enjoying the pool at the beach house

Cash Dog ready to play ball on the beach, St George Island

Cash (right) with his brother Truman (left)

Daphne, doing what her retirement has earned her

Cash thinking about being Bat Man for Halloween...

Daphne and Cash dressed for the Fourth of July

Awww, I love this one!! My Honey getting a snuggle from Cash

Cash loved playing ball on the beach with is cousin, Lil D
Cash was so sweet and played so patiently

The whole dog family, L to R: Daphne, Cash, Truman & Cody

Cash Dog

Our family, Christmas 2011
We love these two dogs so much and have fun taking them with us wherever we go! I'm sure you'll see more of them in this blog... until then

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