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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eleven Questions

A bloggy friend of mine, Sarah, tagged me in her blog The Not Quite Military Wife (I know, so cute right?!) and asked me to answer 11 Questions. Honestly I was working on this post the week I went into labor with Parker! So this is a veeery looong overdue response! Sorry Sarah!! Thank you for tagging me, I had fun answering these!

The Not Quite Military Wife
What have you learned from blogging? The biggest thing I learned that I totally did not expect was making bloggy-friends! Seriously, before my blog I didn’t know that bloggers made *friends* with other bloggers. Blogging has become such a great way to connect with other ladies from all over the place who have things in common with me! I started my blog to stay connected to my family and friends but making *new* friends was a welcomed surprise!

What is your number one tip or trick for new bloggers? My first tip would be not to try to do everything at once.  Your blog does not need to have all the *bells and whistles* right away. Also, comment! Visit other blogs and comment on what they have to say. All bloggers love comments so spread the love!

What is your favorite place you have ever visited? Africa. There is something inexplicably amazing about it. Before I went I had heard of people who go there again and again and I *never* understood why. Until I went. I highly recommend it to anyone! Honey and I are taking our children there… someday!

Where can we find you on a Sunday at 10 am? With Honey at our church! I absolutely *love* our church! We “church-shopped” after we got married and the place we found is so perfect for us! I have met more people who also go to our church while not at church. Girls from my gym, other military wives, families in our neighborhood; I never go to church without seeing several friends and it just feels like home. Honey and I love going there!

What is your go-to comfort food? Depending on the occasion, chocolate or pasta. Definitely! It's rare now-a-days that I have either!

If you could go back to any time period in history, what would it be? When the west was *wild*! To be a cow girl in those days on a big ranch with lots of pretty horses...

What are your life goals for the next 3 years? Well life has changed drastically for me in just the last year so clearly that means that my plans have changed as well! My goals are to be the *best* wife and mommy I can be, to be a *supportive* Army wife regardless of decisions made beyond my control, and hopefully give Baby Parker a *baby* sister or brother. Not anytime soon on that last one but hey, the question said 3 years!

What was the best thing to ever happen to you? Wow. That is a *long* list. That answer to this one continues to change as my life becomes sweeter and sweeter. The current answer is becoming Parker’s mommy! Hands down!

On a daily basis, what is your inspiration to get through the day? Well I can’t say my days are difficult to move through. However I *love* dinner with my family every evening! I also love the precious moments we have together as a family afterward and then giving Parker his bath (so fun!). Honey often reads him a story while I sit and listen in or pick up his room. So I my inspiration would have to be our evening family time!

What is your favorite pair of shoes and why? Well that depends on the season! So I am currently in love my Cole Haan equestrian flat boots and my Naught Monkey slouch boots. Whew, that was *hard* to narrow down! Next question!!

If you were given 60 (responsibility free) minutes, what would you do? I would love to take a car ride with my Honey. We live in such a beautiful part of the country and we *love* to take spontaneous car rides to explore the area around our home! It's so fun to stumble across new places!

Well there are my answers to Sarah's Eleven Questions! Thanks again for tagging me Sarah!


  1. I really like this post! It gives me a bit of insight into you and your life!

  2. LOVED it! Even I learned somethings new about you! :)

  3. I loved the baby brother or sister part...but not anytime soon, it said 3 yrs. :)

  4. Really liked this! I'm dying to take a trip to Africa!


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