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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Nanny Diaries

So you have your very common working-moms (WM), probably just as common stay-at-home-moms (SAHM), and then the less common work-at-home-moms (WAHM…?). I fall into that last category. Before I married Honey I was one career-oriented woman! While that part didn’t entirely change after we got married, my address did change. By more than *four hours* from the office where I worked. 

Yes when I married Honey in May 2011 I moved several hours away from my home in Atlanta. I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to keep my job with that Atlanta-based company after the move and work exclusively from home. Yes, I know, right? The absolutely most *perfect scenario* possible! Of course I do have to travel back to Atlanta a few times a year for different events but that always works out so wonderfully for visiting family anyway!

Well once our baby boy Parker came into this world I really had to think about what that meant… Would I keep my job? Would I quit my job? What to do? Well the truth is that I truly *enjoy* my job. And if it could work to keep it and still be a mommy then I would.

Enter the Nanny.

I knew that I couldn’t take Parker somewhere to be cared for all day. I just can’t hand him over. I can’t.

I knew that I couldn’t bounce him on my lap while juggling emails, conference calls, meetings and the rest of the day-to-day that is my job. Not professional. Not good for the baby. Not good for any of us.

I knew that if I was going to keep my job we were going to need a nanny.

I used two great web sites: and both of which offer military discounts (score!). It is similar to online dating (I mean… so I’ve heard) where you set up a profile and can view the profiles of caretakers and email the ones you like. They can also email you after viewing your profile. It was great to see their experience, a photo, references, special skills, what a great way to find someone!

I learned that I am quite *picky*! Wouldn’t you be? We’re talking about my *firstborn* here!
After several phone interviews and a few in person interviews I found the perfect nanny for us. Nanny M.

In my job description I included that the nanny we hire would be responsible for caring for Baby Parker first and foremost but since he does still sleep quite a bit she will be responsible for other things as well. She would need to be willing to run errands, go to the grocery store, help prepare dinner, vacuum (hello two dogs – lots of dog hair), do laundry, unload the dishwasher… the stuff that I would normally do during the day. This way I can have my nights free to play with Parker and have family time when Honey gets home from work!

Perfect. Scenario. All the way around!

Nanny M has come into our lives and made it possible for me to work and still feel like I am doing the *best possible* thing for my family.

I love that I can still nurse Baby Parker during the day and see him whenever I want to. I love hearing him laugh and giggle when he’s playing with Nanny M. I love that I can be aware of how she is caring for him because I am right here. I love that I can still work and have a career. I love that this plan worked out so perfectly!

So that's my Nanny Diaries. Nanny M. She's fabulous!


  1. I am so jealous of this post!! I am hoping to be able to go back to work when Connor is 6-9 months old. I don't know if that means we put him in daycare, I work from home or we use a nanny. I don't like the idea of not working but right now, with the cost associated with care for Connor, it's best for me to stay home for a while.

  2. Good for you. A great balance between working mom and stay at home mom! We had a nanny for the younger years of our babies life and I loved it!!

  3. What a fantastic solution for your family! So glad it's working out!


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