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Monday, October 29, 2012

Parker Lately - 5 Month Post

This month our baby boy Parker is 5 months old and this Mama Bear finds that so hard to believe.  I know that every mom says that I but this is because it is true. Time *absolutely flies* when you add a baby to the mix.

So at 5 months what is our little “Parker Bear” like?

Well, he’s potty trained!

Just kidding! No, he’s not potty trained. In fact he is probably a lot like other babies his age. Here is a little peek into the life of our boy:

He loves to smile! Seriously, it takes us *little to no effort* to get this little man to smile.

Twinkle asking him to "Do Something Cute":

He is an excellent eater! We are exclusively breastfeeding and it is wonderful!  Parker will take a bottle of pumped breast milk which is great when we need it. Since we won’t be introducing solids until sometime after six months (doctor’s orders) we keep on a *flexible* 3-hour eating schedule during the day. 

Did someone say chow time?

He is a good sleeper! Maybe because of the feeding schedule we keep, Parker sleeps like a baby (ha ha!) at night, going from 10 pm to 7 am at a minimum! Love that! We followed Babywise… a (somewhat controversial?) sleep /nursing practice and it worked *wonderfully* for us! Highly recommend!

This is what I see when I get him out of his crib:

He has found his hands! He knows they belong to him and he is starting to figure out that he can control them. Parker Bear has started grasping at things he sees as well as taking hold of things we give him. He is also starting to take objects to his mouth and try to bite them!

Just this week for the first time he reached out and petted our dog Cash, like on *purpose*. What a preciously sweet moment that was for our little family, Cash included!

With Mommy at the Farmer's Market:

He has started laughing! Oh what fun that is for us! We love hearing his little giggle! Here is a video of his daddy making him laugh!

I dare you to NOT smile while watching this:

He “kicks” and “plays”! He does this anytime he is on his back. Parker also loves “marching” his little feet in perfect rhythm. 

He recognizes Mommy and Daddy! And Nanny M. And Twinkle. But he pretty much smiles at *anyone* who smiles at him. (See the first item above. The boy is a smilin' fool!)

Goofing off with Uncle Ryan when he was visiting last weekend:

He is a happy, fun, easy going little guy! We are so very *blessed* to be his parents and have this sweet little guy in our lives. 

Happy five months! Love you to the moon and back Parker Bear!


  1. Aw the little Parker is acting all grown up!! Can't believe he is five months old!

  2. He's so adorable. I love his chubby cheeks:)


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