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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy + Baby Weekend

Baby Parker and I had such a super fun weekend together! Honey was out of town and while we both missed him terribly I *relished* in the fact that I got to have a Mommy + Baby weekend with my favorite Bear Cub!

We kicked off the weekend a little early by heading out to my favorite local sushi restaurant for dinner on Thursday night. Parker was adorable and loved looking at the light fixtures and wait staff as they bustled around the restaurant. I was proud of myself for managing to bring the baby, his chair, his diaper bag and myself into the restaurant in *one piece*!

Ready for our "Date Night":

Friday night we stayed in and I managed to wrap up my work day a *little* early so I sent Nanny M home so that Parker and I could get to *playing*! We played the evening away and it was so much fun!

Saturday we headed to a *unique* and *delicious* local eatery for lunch to celebrate Parker Bear's eight-month-birthday! Again I was happy to get everything into the restaurant and Parker was such a good baby boy. I never get tired of people coming up to us to comment on how good he is! I'm such a M-O-M!!

We also went for a walk because it was *68 degrees*... in January!

It was a *great day* and again I loved playing with my little boy and just spending time with him... all day long!

Sunday we got up and dressed and almost out the door for church. Right before we were going to leave, the light rain we had the night before transformed into a horrible, awful, monsoon! A little rain? Sure I can do that. But with this downpour? No thank you. Fortunately our church broadcasts online so I fired up the mac and we got to playing! Parker Bear was down for his morning nap when the sermon started - *perfect* timing!

Cash took advantage of the rainy weather to dream about chasing ducks.

Even though we were all *dressed up* with *no where* to go we loved the rainy day to stay inside and play!!

It was such a fun weekend, I wish I could rewind it and start over again!


  1. I love weekends like that! Parker is a doll. I loved the time period where Presley was an awesome date out to any restaurant. But from 11 months to 24 months that became not so easy with her. But at 26 months she's back to being a treat when we go out, as long as it's not too long of an event.

  2. I love the hat!! What a sweetie, so happy :)

  3. Stay at home weekends with nothing to do but play are the best!


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