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Friday, January 25, 2013

Parker, Lately: 8 Month Post

I can't believe my baby boy turned *8 months old* last Saturday! (Yes, I am a bit late getting this post out there...)

Here is a run down of Parker, Lately.
Our baby boy loves, loves, loves to smile and laugh! He loves his Mommy and his Daddy and is absolutely crazy over his two dogs. He loves to bite (or gum in his case) our fingers, his toys, really anything. He is extremely curious about the world around him and wants to get a better look at pretty much everything. He goes to anyone easily and is a very social little baby boy.

Sleeping - Twelve hours at night. Yup, 9 pm to 9 am. Every. Night. (Yes, it is very nice!) He also naps in the morning and afternoon anywhere from 50 minutes to one and a half hours. 

Nursing - Parker Bear *loves* to nurse and so does Mommy. Clearly he loves it, have you seen those rolls? We are nursing 5 times each day at 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm and 8:30 pm just before his bed time.

Solids - These were touch a go for a while there. So, we took it easy, went on his cues and didn't force the issue. Finally he taught us that he simply wanted to *feed himself*! Well ok then, whatever works. Now that we got that out of the way he lets Mommy feed him most of the time but he still likes to show us that he can do it. He is 8 months old after all!

Feet - His feet have become a major part of play time! He finds them every time he's on his back (usually because he's getting his diaper changed) and he has also started noticing them when he's sitting up too. (Hey there they are again!)

Laughing - Parker's laughter comes *frequently* and *easily*. He loves to laugh and we love hearing it. He laughs at the dogs, at his feet, at Sophie (the giraffe), at the mirror, at Mommy, at Daddy, at his toys. He's just a happy little laughing baby!

Dogs - Our little boy loves, loves, loves his dogs! He loves for Cash to lick his face and hands and he also loves to grab fistfuls of hair or dog ears. Cash Dog *loves* his little baby brother so much that he lets him do whatever he wants and wags his tail the whole time just waiting for the next opportunity to lick!

Hands - Parker has learned that he has two hands and he has full control of them! He uses them to grab anything and everything he can. He loves exploring with his "busy little hands". It is so cute when we hand him something and he sticks both hands straight out and takes hold of the object!


Sitting Up - He has started sitting up! He can sit on a flat surface unassisted and play. It it just adorable! We are the typical, over-the-moon, proud parents at this milestone!

Jumping - Parker is crazy over his jump-a-roo! He always has the *biggest smile* when he's in it. He even wants to jump when he's not in the jumper if you hold him with his feet touching the floor. He loves to jump!

Crying - This is a rare one for Parker. He cried pretty good when he had an ear infection. He cries when he gets shots. So far that's about it! He doesn't *exactly* like getting his chubby arms pulled through his long sleeve shirts or onesies so he complains a bit when he gets dressed. Aside from that he's a *very happy* baby. For that we are extremely thankful!

Teeth - No sign.  

Rolling Over - No interest. 

Parker Bear, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! You have brought more joy into our lives than we ever could have imagined. Your little personality has just melted our hearts and we love to watch you as you explore the world around you. We are so blessed to be your parents and fall more and more in love with you with each and every passing day.

Happy Eight Months Baby Parker!


  1. SO cute!

    Go Parker sitting and feeding yourself! Big boy!

  2. He is growing WAY too fast!! Happy 8 months, sweet Parker.

  3. 12 hours of sleep a night?! Please do a post on how you managed that one! Still the happiest baby ever!

  4. lol i love his faces!! so precious.

  5. WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!! this is great!


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