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Monday, January 7, 2013

Top It Off

I am so glad that the cold weather is back! Mainly because I got our little one four adorable hats to wear this year and I LOVE putting them on his adorable little head!

I have had several people asking me where I purchased such cuteness so I thought I'd write a quick post about them. All the hats came from Etsy (of course!) and here are the details you have been waiting for...

First and foremost, the absolutely adorable BEAR HAT. Parker wore this all over New York on our trip there earlier this year and got so many compliments. I have to admit, it will probably go down in Snowden History as my favorite baby hat!

I purchased the Bear Hat from Carolina Knots and she was great to work with. She had me measure his head to make sure the hat would fit perfectly!

I also purchased what I call Parker's "church hat" - a blue and grey stripe hat that he wears when we need to be a bit more, umm, subdued. Yes, hard for me but everyone needs "church clothes". Even babies. I do love how sophisticated this little grey hat is!

Next up is Parker's PUMPKIN HAT! I purchsed this hat from Caroles Cozy Comforts. He wore this every chance he had during October and November! It is so cute on him and I love the stem and leaf on top - precious!

I also purchased Parker's SANTA HAT from Carole. She was wonderful to work with as well! She didn't have one of the items in stock so she knitted it up the next day and sent it out. Talk about customer service!

Now not nearly as cute as his hats but certainly functional for cold Tennessee winters the sweet mittens he needed. I love that they connect so that I can run them through Parker's jacket or sweatshirt and they won't get lost! (Wish I could do that to some of his cute booties that sometimes want to slip off of his tiny feet!) I purchased the mittens from Karen Fudge and since Parker was in between sizes, she knitted up a pair of mittens that were in between so they fit him perfectly! Again, can't beat that kind of service!

I had so much fun shopping for these hats and have loved putting them on his adorable little head every chance I get! Even going to the mailbox often requires a cute little head accessory!

If you need a cute hat for a little in your life I would encourage you to check out these ladies Etsy shops!

*I was not paid or reimbursed by any Etsy shop for this post. This post contains my thoughts and my thoughts alone.

Happy New Year!


  1. I got David and Rachael's pumpkin hats and Santa hats from Carole too! She also made a super cute yellow and white hat for Rachael. I adore her. She is so helpful. Parker is adorable in any hat (or no hat) he wears. Love him!

  2. How cute!!! Connor hates hats. I'm working on it but he isn't into them. He throws a fit every time one is put on his head.

  3. Those are adorable! My girls love hats! I will have to check out your vendors!


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