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Monday, January 14, 2013

Pintastic: DIY Christmas Card Holder

I am super excited to be linking up with Ashley over at I Love You More Than Carrots to share a "Pintastic" way to share and display all your Christmas Cards during the holiday season. 

So quick confession, I believe that link up is supposed to be used when you re-create something you have pinned on Pintrest but this is actually my very own pin that I pinned on Pintrest. Yes I try to not only repin others ideas but also occasionally pin something of my very own! 

Even though the holidays are over I hope this is something you will enjoy looking at and even consider for next year.

Problem: Christmas cards in a box or basket or overlapping each other cluttering up your refrigerator door.

Solution: Quick and easy way to beautifully display your Christmas cards and give each one the space it deserves to be enjoyed all season long!

Supplies: Clothespins, Pretty Holiday Ribbon, Simple Christmas Decoration (I used a pretty package topper), thumb tack and Christmas Cards

My Christmas Card display hangs on two walls in our home that divide the dining room from the living room.  Usually the walls look like this:

When it comes to holiday decor, I pack up everything a few things we usually have out and replace them with my Christmas decorations. The sconces are no different! They come down for the season and return again sometime in January.

To get started, cut the pretty holiday ribbon to the length of your card display. Mine aren't exactly long enough so I actually end up attaching more ribbon halfway through the season. Once the ribbon is cut, glue it to your pretty Christmas Decoration. Once those are attached, pin them to the wall.

It should look something like this:

That's it. No, really that's all you have to do! Once your Christmas cards arrive simply use the clothespins to clip them to the ribbon!

Merry Christmas! Whoops... Happy New Year!... but keep this in mind for next year!! Be sure to check out Ashley's "Hey That's Pin-Tastic" post for tons of other great ideas and other bloggers who stop pinning and start doing!

i love you more than carrots


  1. Such a clever idea! I need to do this next year as I just taped ours to the wall this year. Yours is so much cuter!


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