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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today. Three Years Ago.

Three Years Ago Today...

I boarded a plane.
I was headed to a *first date*.
When I disembarked, I saw such a handsome man I couldn't believe he was *my* date for the weekend!

I knew him, but I hadn't seen him in *fifteen years*! Back in 1995 we were in the same art class in high school. After a little reconnecting on Facebook took place, followed by a year or so of emailing, followed by a break up for each of us, the stars finally aligned and Honey asked me on a date. 

On our *first date*. A date that will go down in history as one of the best first dates ever!

Since we lived four hours apart, our first date wasn't your typical first date. He flew me to his where he lived and we went to an Army Ball together. Seeing him in his dress blues nearly sent me into a tailspin. He was so handsome!

Here we are on our first date:

I stayed in his home that weekend - in the guest room of course! - and he treated the whole weekend like an a real date and was such a perfect gentleman!

One month later he told me he loved me (Feb 2010).

Five months later he proposed (July 2010).

 Nine months later we were married (May 2011)!

Twelve months later we had a baby boy (May 2012)!

 And it all began three years ago. Today. 

I was and am still smitten by that solider and I will follow him anywhere. Happy First Date Anniversary my Love!


  1. I love this story - reminds me so much of my own! Isn't it funny when you know, you just know! Happy dating anniversary to you two!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you found your Mr. Right!

  3. Happy Dating Anniversary! Such a great story!


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