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Friday, April 6, 2012

Flowers, Creek Rock & a Fossil

I have to brag on Honey and some beautiful changes he has made to our yard! 

When I mentioned that it would be nice to have a few flowers around our mailbox I had no idea that he was going to put such a pretty flower bed in place!

While working on that project, Honey mentioned that he didn’t like the exposed dirt under the gutter at our front porch. It was pretty unsightly, see?

So what did he do? He went to the creek in our back yard, collected a *huge* bucket full of creek rock and used that to fill in the formerly muddy spot. 

It looks so perfect and I LOVE that the rocks are from *our creek*!!

He also showed me two rocks he found that had fossils in them! Yes, like science class from 5 th grade! We were giddy excited. We can’t wait to show Baby Parker when he’s bigger!

I was so excited about these pretty changes Honey made to our yard because I spend a lot of time out there with these two:

Cash 3 yrs - he loves to run and play!
Daphne 12 yrs - mostly likes to walk and sniff
Now our back yard is a WHOLE different story…but we’re working on that one and have BIG plans… hopefully they will be well underway when our little peanut makes his debut!

But as far as the front yard, we can definitely check that off the Before-Baby-Comes-Checklist!!

I haven’t shared this adorable blue cross my mother-in-law got for us. It says “It’s A Boy” and is so cute perched on a wreath hook on our front door!

Have a great weekend and a very happy and blessed EASTER!!


  1. What a great hubby! It looks wonderful!

    1. He is pretty great :) Thank you, I thought he did a fabulous job!!

  2. It looks great! I love the rock! Your dogs are awesome... someday when we have a bigger yard... I really want a dog!

    1. Thank you Katie! The rock was totally his idea - I love it too :) Yes, you definitely need a puppy dog, they make life so much better in so many ways!!


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