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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preggy Update # 3

It is so hard to believe that we will have a baby boy in just nine short weeks!! Here’s how the third trimester is shaking out in my third Bump-Date!!
How Far Along: 31 weeks or 7.75 months pregnant; our baby is due on June 19 (only NINE weeks to go!)

Total Weight Gain: 18 lbs (it sounds so strange to say such a number!)

How Big is the Baby: The size of a head of lettuce – 18 inches, 3.2 lbs

Baby Movements: Constant! Parker is a wiggly little baby!  His movements have become so pronounced that I can see them which is pretty amazing. He does sleep a lot too but when he’s awake I definitely know it!!

Nursery Update: We made lots of updates recently. I am going to post a separate nursery update but what I am most excited about is hanging his name above the crib!!

More to come on the window treatments, shelves, chalkboard, mirror…

Food Cravings / Aversions: I still don’t have any crazy cravings... I always wish this section was more interesting!! I did make homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Honey last week and was pleased to sample the final result a few times… 

How I Am Feeling:  I’m feeling really good. I can’t bend over like I used to so I have to maneuver into different positions to tie my shoes. I still have shortness of breath, still peeing a lot, still drinking a lot of water… I’m able to workout at least 3 times a week which has been great for me!!

Thoughts on Delivery: I’m working to locate and hire the right doula to help us with the delivery. I also really really really want this baby boy to come *on his own* and not have to be induced to come into this world. We start our birthing classes in May and I am also taking a breast feeding class… those should be interesting!!

What I Miss: Just my waist right now.

What Are We Talking About: We’ve been talking a lot about his *movement* because it’s pretty frequent!! We’ve also been talking about *traveling* while third-trimester-pregnant because I’m going on a girls trip to NYC and my sweet husband located and wrote down the 2 closest hospitals that have labor and delivery… just in case something should happen while I’m gone. Love him!!

Worst Part So Far: Well no one warned me about my belly button ring hole stretching – ouch!! I can tell exactly when I’m growing because that sucker feels stretched and it hurts!! Yes I had a belly button ring forever, yes I took it out before we even knew we were pregnant, and yes that thing stretches and it hurts!! 

Best Part So Far: I don’t care what anyone says, my Jobst compression tights are a GOD SEND for my varicose veins!! They feel *so good* and have helped tremendously with my achy legs!!  I was pretty embarrassed to get them but they work such wonders that I wear them proudly now!! I even got open toe tights so I can still wear flip flops and sandals this summer!! 

Some other exciting developments have been getting the invitation to one of my baby showers in the mail (the invitation was Peter Rabbit, just like his room!!) and scheduling our maternity pictures for early June.

And that’s my third preggy update!! Stay tuned for a special nursery update to come very soon!!


  1. Awww, you look beautiful! I cannot wait to hold that sweet little boy!! I'm glad the tights are bringing you relief.

  2. You are getting so close! And you still look fantastic :)

  3. So beautiful.

    I also gave you an award take a look!

  4. Those cookies look AMAZING ; ) I hear ya about the belly button ring hole...mine is doing the same thing. Why couldn't it just have closed up when I took the darn thing out, like, oh 5 years ago? You look fantastic and I can't wait to see the rest of the nursery!!!


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