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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So What Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, must be time to say SO WHAT!! As always I’m linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" and…

This week is a special *New York City* edition! Since I’m fresh off the heels of our “Eighth Annual Girls Shopping Trip”, this week I’m saying:

So what if… my *baby brain* is so bad that when a boutique owner asked me if I wanted to see a mirror I thought she said “Are you American”? Now of course any normal, non-pregnant person probably would have said, “Excuse me?” or “Can you repeat that?” Oh no, not me, I actually said back “Am I American?” She seriously thought I was having heat stroke and was very concerned about me. No, it’s not heat stroke. It’s just a moment of complete idiot-ness due to pregnancy. Don’t mind me.  However, I was able to purchase these fabulous Mystic Sandals from that very boutique.

So what if… I drank so much water that I think I used the ladies room in every single shop we went into? My need for water is *extreme* right now and my bladder is very *small*. This does not make for a good combination! I filled up my Nalgene water bottle at least three times every day!

So what if… I completely took advantage of being pregnant and boarded the plane with the “priority boarding” passengers? I’m making a baby right? That definitely qualifies as *priority*!

So what if… I overindulged on Dim Sum in Chinatown and Gnoochi in Little Italy? NYC is as close as you can get to either China or Italy without requiring your passport! I overindulged and it was FABULOUS!

So what if… I missed my puppy dogs, Daphne and Cash, SO MUCH? My dad kept them both for me and sent me regular texts with updates and pictures. He even sent me a video of Cash Dog playing! Of course both my sweet babies thought they were at “summer camp” and had a wonderful time!
 Cash (left) with his brother & best friend Truman (right)

Handsome Cash ready to play

Cash (left) and Daphne (right) "helping" in my dad's workbench

 Another long day of playing. So sleepy...

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. Your "baby brain" moment is hilarious and totally something that I would do - pregnant or not! ;-)

  2. I'm not pregnant and I drink so much water I would pee in every store too! And your pregnancy brain story is hilarious :)!

  3. YIKES every since giving birth to my daughter I pee STILL every 5 minutes.

  4. I'm with ya on the peeing. Every trip out of the house includes a pee-before stop and then I must plan out where I will go next, lol! LOVE LOVE LOVE those sandals!!


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