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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So What Wednesday

Oh yes it’s that time again, time to say SO WHAT!! As usual I’m linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" and…

This week I'm saying:

So what if…  I’m a little too excited about my GIRLS trip to NYC? Every year my mom, my aunt, my cousin and I fly to New York City and the following 5 days consist of nothing but eating, drinking and shopping!! We stay in a fabulous hotel and only do one cultural thing – catch a Broadway show!! It’s our “Annual Girls Trip” and this year is our *eighth* year in row!! So fun!!

Some pictures from last year's trip:

So what if…  this weekend I had warm cookies from the oven every night after dinner? My parents were in town and my mom brought some cookie dough she bought to support a neighbor’s child’s school something-or-other. I was just happy to show my support! 

So what if…  I seriously take a lot of pictures of my dogs? Wouldn’t you if Daphne and Cash belonged to you?

So what if… my normal 4.5 hour drive from Nashville to Atlanta was extended by 1.5 hours because of a pickup truck that collided with a tractor trailer that caught on fire that resulted in a brush fire that they didn’t have enough water to put out so they had to let it burn while they closed down a section of the highway?  Back roads are great but not when every other tractor trailer on the highway is now on the back road with you... But the dogs and I made it. Eventually.

So what if…  I’m slightly stressing about finding two shower dresses for my upcoming baby showers? Shopping for maternity clothes is not nearly as easy as shopping for regular clothes. All the stores don’t carry them in their stores but many do online which does not help because I need to try them on… 

Well that's it for another edition of So What Wednesday!! I'll be back from my fabulous NYC trip next week and will have much to share from the Big Apple - have a great week!!

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  1. So jealous of your Girls Trip to NYC!! Hope you enjoy it!!


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