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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Atlanta Picture Dump

While I was visiting my home town outside of Atlanta, Georgia a couple of weeks ago I got to celebrate two of my *most favorite* people’s birthdays: my mom, "Twinkle", and my nephew, "Lil D"! Aside from these wonderful celebrations the trip also included work (blah!) and visiting with a few friends (yay!). 

Here is a picture dump of my super fun trip HOME! 

The Birthday Girl, my mom "Twinkle" and my dad "Bing"

We had a *fabulous dinner* at Salt Factory in Downtown Roswell where my parents live

 After dinner we walked across the street for cupcakes! I had strawberry (left), Bing had chocolate (center) and Twinkle had peanut butter & chocolate (right). By the way I was totally torn on getting the strawberry or the peanut butter/chocolate!




A few days later we met up with my brother, sister in law and their precious children to celebrate Twinkle's big day! Look how *excited* Lil D was about our dinner party!

Who doesn't love COOKIE CAKE!?!?

Twinkle & Baby R:

Twinkle & Lil' D:

Clearly we *love* to celebrate in my family, so a few days after that dinner party, we all attended Lil' D's SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! My babies, Daphne and Cash, came along too and Cash was so *excited* when Lil' D came to see him! Cash absolutely adores his little cousins!

Lil' D even kissed Cash through the fence!

Lil' D's birthday party was a farm-themed party and my sister in law, L, did a *fabulous* job putting it all together!

And now be ready to be *super impressed* because L made this cake! I mean made it, like, first she mixed flour, butter, sugar and other goodness together to make the 3 cakes, then she built the cake into a barn, field & pond and silo, then she iced them to show the detail. WOW!

Even the sprigs of "grass" that you can see sticking up are editable Easter grass! The cake was incredible and tasted soooo good!! L is so talented!

There were pictures of my brother, R, and my sis in law, L, when they were about Lil' D's age too! So cute!

Some of the cute farm-themed decorations:

I was in *love* with these adorable centerpieces!! Look how cute!! A stainless watering can with a bandana tied around it (some tables had blue, some had red) with a tomato plant and flower "growing" in it. Precious!

Lil' D was so cute opening his gifts!

R had a great time too!

Lil' D knew just how to blow out his candles!

So proud of himself! 

Trying out his new tractor:

A big red tractor brought the farm theme to the yard: 

And so did these bales of hay sitting around the patio!

The farm theme was just too cute and Lil' D had a wonderful time at his second birthday party! 

I was able to get a picture with my adorable "littles" too! Aunt Cole (me!) and Baby R: 

 Aunt Cole and Lil' D, who is 2 - I can't even believe it!


  1. Birthdays we love them too! Love the farm themed party tractor and all :)

  2. Looks so fun! Those kiddos are adorable!! And what a fun themed party, love it!


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