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Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five for Friday

Today I am participating in a link up that my super-adorable-bloggy-friend Tammy from Tammy Fantasyland introduced me to! Like me, Tammy is married to a man with a demanding job AND she’s expecting her (second) baby just two weeks behind me! Thanks so much for introducing me to this cute link up Tammy!

What a*great idea* to reflect on and share your 5 favorite things recently! The link up is hosted by Lauren @ FromMy Grey Desk.


So here are my High Five’s for Friday:

I am loving having my husband home with me! He was gone for work for a little over a month and while I kept myself plenty busy I still missed him something awful!
These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are to *die* for! We have not had these delicious treats in maybe a year or so (can you imagine?!) Ever since going gluten-free and eating “clean”. But I made them for my husband recently and am happy to announce that They. Are. Back. in our lives!! Since these cookies have *oatmeal* in them they are technically “good”, right? Right? (I will post this recipe soon – you must indulge as well!)

Going into Baby Parker’s nursery daily, ok several times a day, gets me so excited for this little ones arrival! I still have some more touches to make – I know the walls look bare but I have BIG plans for finalizing the room!

No changes this week other than the shower loot is spread out all over the room. I'll be washing, sorting and organizing that next week!

On a related note, my husband and I had a little too much fun playing with the new video monitor we just got...

These Yosi Samra flats are hands down the *most* comfortable shoes I have ever worn! They are seriously like wearing bedroom slippers everywhere. I found them in a boutique in New York a couple of weeks ago and have already decided that I will need a few pairs!
(sorry for the cell phone pic)
The weather this week has been ahhhhh-mazing! We pretty much went from winter to summer here in the south, so right one miserable season to another… But this week the weather has been WONDERFUL! Today was like an actual *spring* day!! Yay!!

High Five, it’s FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my FAV! I mean seriously, chocolate chips are so much better than raisins (even though I like them too!). I love those flats, I am going to look for them when Im in NYC next week. I wish I had know about them this week since I was just there.

  2. What a great HIGH FIVE :) I linked up too!.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day too all

  3. Those cookies look amazing! Add some ground flaxseed and then they are healthy, lol! I so need to find a pair of those flats, none of my cute summer sandals are very comfy for swollen preggy feet! Can't wait to see Parker's room all done!

  4. Cannot wait to see how Parker's nursery turns out! Also, who makes those adorable shoes??

  5. I'm glad your Hubby's home:-) and the nursery looks adorable so far!,


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