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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preggy Update # 4

There are only SEVEN more weeks left in this pregnancy!! Nothing makes time fly like children, even if they are in the womb! Here’s a Bump-Date about how the pregnancy is going so far…

How Far Along: I’m 33 weeks, only 7 weeks to go! Our baby is due on June 19

Total Weight Gain: about 20 lbs 

How Big is the Baby: the size of a Honeydew – 19 inches, 4.5 lbs

Baby Movements: These have continued to be consistent – I can feel and often times *see* the movement! I love feeling him moving around and when he’s really active I’ll leave my hand on my belly to feel the movement from the inside and outside. It’s truly amazing!

Nursery Update: I recently posted a Nursery Update post with all the recent changes to the nursery. Since then the only additions are the clothes and goodies I got at my *Surprise* Baby Shower at work!

Food Cravings / Aversions: I have craved pasta off and on during this pregnancy. I was happy to satisfy that craving in NYC  two weeks ago since being in Little Italy is almost like actually being in Italy. But I had pasta for dinner last night too!  Funny how this *craving* seems to come and go…

How I Am Feeling:  I feel great! I have shortness of breath and sometimes it feels like I’m gasping for air. I have heartburn which I never had before. And if something falls on the ground I actually consider leaving it there instead of attempting to pick it up… I have had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions during the past couple weeks as well.

Thoughts on Delivery: I will soon be interviewing doula’s to participate in the birthing experience. I am excited to meet with them and hopefully pick one very soon! I have a breast feeding class *today* which I’m looking forward to and this month Honey and I start our birthing classes. I’m hoping we’ll learn a lot… I suppose it’s because the labor and delivery is coming up so soon and the fact that we have no idea what that will be like, it makes the whole labor and delivery experience quite mysterious to first-timers!

What I Miss: Sushi. Wine. My Waist.

What Are We Talking About: We have been talking a lot about the delivery and what that will be like, as well as what life will be like when Baby Parker is actually here. In addition to that we’re talking about the baby showers… my first shower is *this weekend*!!! 

Worst Part So Far: The insomnia is strange. The heartburn is unpleasant. But probably the worst part so far has been the Braxton Hicks contractions. Such a strange feeling! 

Best Part So Far: The best part is probably *seeing* Baby Parker move! There are times when I’m sitting still and my bump just jumps! I also love hearing my little nephew say Parker’s name and pointing to my belly when we ask him where Parker is. So precious!

Well that’s all I have for this preggy update!!  Stay tuned for shower pictures soon!!!


  1. Your bump is so cute! Can you believe only seven more weeks?! Crazy! You'll do great in labor and delivery. It's such an amazing thing. I miss my waist too :)

  2. Such a cute, growing bump! I can't wait to hear about the breastfeeding class, it was probably much more helpful than I was. :)

  3. You DO look fantastic! You will do great through L&D since you took such great care of yourself throughout this pregnancy. You and I are having the exact same symptoms, it's so funny! But I've not had any BH's yet, thankfully. I just get the leg cramps. I hear ya on missing your waist!

  4. You look fantastic! That pasta looks amazing. Presley and I have been munching on a veggie pasta with pesto for a few days, but know I want cheese ravioli with pesto! LOL


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