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Monday, May 7, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

Making our house a home is one of my most *favorite* things to do! My husband lived in our home for a year without me so I have *many* opportunities to turn this former-bachelor-pad into our cozy humble abode!

Recently I made a few changes in our master bedroom and I just loved how it turned out!
First was the décor over the bed. I was so stumped over what to do here and while some of my *ideas* would have been really cool, let’s face it – I didn’t have the time or patience right now for building wall art or making a heart shape out of picture frames. I needed something a little more immediate so that I could move on to other projects!

This wrought iron design fit the bill perfectly and coordinates well with the pattern in our duvet! (We purchased new master bedroom furniture when we got married and all of our linens were wedding presents!)

Next, we hung window treatments over our large picture window.  I believe that hanging your window treatments closer to the ceiling really lengthens and opens up your room!


I also added 4 of my favorite photos from our wedding over the dresser.  Love being reminded of special wedding moments each day!



We also have wedding photos in the frames on the dresser but I am sure those will soon be changed out to display photos of our newest addition when he arrives in June!

Finally we hung this oval shaped mirror on the wall leading to the master bathroom. I spray painted the knob from silver to bronze so it fit in with our décor:

I also have to share one of my most favorite things in our bedroom – we had wedding guests sign this picture frame in lieu of an official guest book. We love looking at it and seeing well wishes from family and friends!

Well, the master bedroom is officially *done*, what’s next?


  1. I love the touches you added! It does make it "homey"!!! Great job. and I love the pillow with the initials on it!

  2. I love the new decor you've added. I always tell my husband a little bit can go a long way. He has had the house we live in for 14 years so when I moved in 4 years ago, I instantly wanted to make it ours!

  3. So cute! I'm taking notes for my master bedroom!!

  4. I'm totally going to have to steal your dresser/tv area look. Ours is similar, but with nothing on it at all - which is an open invitation for clothes to pile up, lol! Great job!


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