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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Halloween: A Catch Up Post

Even thought I neglected to blog about it, we had a wonderful time celebrating Parker's second Halloween! It's so exciting to think that we will have two little ones to dress and take trick-or-treating for Halloween this year. Since becoming parents, this kid-centric day has become such a fun experience for Honey and I! This past Halloween was no exception...
We started Halloween with snuggles in Parker's room with him wearing his skeleton night-nights of course!
 That evening we got Parker dressed in his "Max, King of the Wild Things" costume:
And we went to the neighbor's house for a pre-trick-or-treating cookout!
While we were finishing up dinner a few children started to come by and Parker studied everyone's costume choices!
 Finally it was our turn! Daddy carried Parker between homes:
 And Parker got the hang of it very quickly! We taught him to take one piece of candy and place it in his bucket:
When we were done we came home to let Parker sort out his loot!
 It was such a fun evening! 

Here is Parker on Halloween 2012 and Halloween 2013:

Thanks for reading this catch up post! I'm already looking forward to next year!


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  1. Halloween just gets more and more fun. As Parker and Grant grow they are going to make wonderful memories of that fun night!


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