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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Surprise! Welcome to the World Grant Henry

Our son, Grant Henry Snowden, was born into this world on Sunday, March 23 at 7:58 p.m. He weighs 4 pounds, 7 ounces, and is 18 inches long. He surprised us all by coming seven weeks and one day early! We are so in love with him already and so blessed to have him in our lives.
Because he was born prematurely Grant was admitted to the NICU shortly after his birth. He is doing so well! Of course we are looking forward to taking him home but we are on Grant's schedule. He has the same "going home rules" that Parker had during his stay in the NICU: he must have the ability to breathe on his own, nurse from mommy, and maintain a normal body temperature. Once he has accomplished those things, we will take our sweet boy home and complete our family.

I have been in the hospital for the usual 48-hours and although I am being discharged today I have no plans to go anywhere any time soon. For now I am staying put close to Grant's side to take the best care of him that I can.

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes and prayers! Every single one means so very much to our family. I will post about Grant's birth story very soon. It was one wild ride!



  1. I'm glad you are both doing well. Hopefully his stay in the NICU won't be too long and you can bring that precious baby boy home =) He just couldn't wait to meet his mommy!

  2. What a surprise! And, SO glad to hear both mommy and Grant are doing well!!

  3. Two early babies?! Wow mama! Welcome to the world Grant!!! Congratulations!

  4. Welcome Grant! I am so curious to see the birth story! I am so glad that he is okay. He is the same size Sydney was! :-)

  5. Congrats on Grants arrival!! What a handsome addition to your family. Praying for a quick NICU visit!!

  6. Welcome Grant! We can't wait to meet you. We love you SO much!


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