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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thanksgiving: Catch Up Post

We all have those "grown up moments"? You know like paying of a car. Buying a home. Getting married. Having a Baby. Yes, I've done each of these. But honestly, I'm not sure if these ever made me feel more like an adult then the time I single handedly prepared and served a Thanksgiving feast complete with a turkey from my own oven!
This year, since my husband’s school schedule did not allow the time we would need to travel home to see our families, we spent Thanksgiving at home.  Just us. And I prepared our Thanksgiving meal complete with a turkey! We also had field peas, cream style corn, sweet potato souffle and of course dressing.
Of course the meal did not happen without significant preparation in advance and many, many, many, many phone calls to my mom. (It was my second turkey – I cooked my first one last year for Christmas – but my first Thanksgiving meal.)
We missed our families dearly this year! Preparing Thanksgiving was especially quiet this year without the laughter and stories and wine that I traditionally share with my Mom, Aunt Carol, and Cousin Sarah during our day in the kitchen. The time we spend together over that meal for our families is one of my most favorite times of the year. Having missed it this year only means I will treasure those moments even more next year.
This Thanksgiving will always be special to us. Our first one alone. And I might say that I have never felt more like a “mom” than when I pulled that golden brown turkey from the oven and smiled as I called out, "dinner’s ready!"

One final picture I must share: my little turkey Thanksgiving 2012 and Thanksgiving 2013:


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