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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Silent Sunday

This edition of Silent Sunday is coming to you live from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Overland Park Regional Medical Center where Honey and I are currently "living" along with our new baby boy, Grant Henry. Here are a few pictures of our week so far!

We love holding Baby Grant! You can see the breathing apparatus, a C-PAP, he wore during his first few days:

It was so wonderful to have sweet friends visit us this week:
What about big brother Parker? Well he loves the free ice cream and having his lunch in mommy's bed on the days he visits!
Baby Grant, finally without any head gear! Hooray for breathing on your own little one!
His first sponge bath was a great success!
He has a few probes attached to his body to count oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. At this point he doesn't have any cords going inside his body with the exception of a feeding tube!!
We are so in love with him already!!
What a sweetheart! (You can see his feeding tube here.)
One of the perks of having a baby brother in the NICU is getting to have your afternoon nap while cuddled up with mommy on the days you visit. We both love this time together!
When he is here, Parker is very, very busy taking his wheels through the hospital!
And always stopping to smell the flowers!



  1. Look at big brother walking! And that Grant Henry! What a stud! Congrats and it's wonderful to see him doing so well!

  2. Looks like Baby Grant is making great (and fast!) progress - yay!! Love seeing Parker and his wheels, he probably loves the nice, smooth floors of the long hallways, ha! How are you holding up?? Sending you big hugs and coffee and chocolate. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!!

  3. Getting stronger every day, way to go Grant!!!

  4. Parker looks like he was totally hamming it up for the nurses! :) Sweet Grant, keep getting stronger everyday.


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