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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Parker's Wheels - A Physical Therapy Update

“You’re in trouble now!”

As I heard her words I turned to see my neighbor smiling from her driveway. My husband and I smiled at each other. I looked down at Parker before I called back, “Yes! Finally! This is the kind of trouble we have been praying for!”

Parker was moving as fast as he could, squealing with excitement down the middle of our cul-de-sac street. Only he wasn’t crawling, which is his usual mode of transportation.

He was walking.

Parker’s physical therapist has loaned us what we have affectionately nicknamed, Parker’s Wheels.
Parker’s Wheels have been such a wonderful addition to our routine.  Since he started crawling in October at 17 months our baby boy has been on the move! He cruises effortlessly between furniture, climbs up the stairs several times each day, and crawls like a little maniac all over the place! We have enjoyed watching him explore his new found freedom.
Now with his wheels, Parker is walking on his very own! The wheels have boosted his confidence and allowed him to experience what walking feels like.
Parker asks to get in his wheels several times a day and we all love when the weather in nice enough to get outside and let him really go! When the wheels were new, Parker had to learn how to steer and we were frequently helping him manuver and getting him un-stuck. But so quickly, he has mastered going wherever he wants to go thanks to his wheels!
We know it is only a matter of time before he takes off on his own! GO PARKER!!



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