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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Parker and Mommy go to Atlanta: A Catch Up Post

Another catch up post to recap one of the funnest weeks we had last fall! Honey had a chance to go hunting for a week in November so Parker Bear and I took off to Georgia to visit our family! We had the best time!!

Our day started around 3:45 am! Honey took us to the airport for our 6 am flight.
 Even Parker had to follow the rules in the security line...
 The flight was great and this little love slept the whole time!
 When we got "home" to Twinkle and Bing's house Bing and Parker got to reading books as soon as possible!
 Gigi and Snoopy came over from Alabama to visit us! Parker had fun showing them all of his new tricks.
 We also had a play date with Sammie too!
 And of course my grandmother couldn't wait to get her hands on her eighth great-grandchild!
 Parker had so much fun cheesing for her and my grandfather...
 But things turned serious once Parker spotted the ceiling fan...
 The highlight of the trip was when Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lindsay came to spend the night and bring Parker's big cousins David and Rachael! The cousins didn't waste any time and got to playing immediately!

 Bing got out his old metal trucks from his childhood. All three children loved playing with those old toys!
Parker took a quick break to facetime with his Daddy...
And then it was time for lunch. David asked to sit next to Parker.
 And then we headed outside...
 To ride the tractor!

 And jump on the trampoline!
Uncle Ryan with the boys...
 And Aunt Lindsay with all three littles...
 That evening we celebrated Bing's 63 birthday! I just love these pictures!
 Before bed Rachael made sure to give Parker a good night kiss!
 The next day we tried to get some pictures of the cousins in their matching pumpkin shirts. These are my favorite two pictures:
I can almost hear the laughter in this picture!
 And then it was time for more tractor riding! Uncle Ryan taught Parker how to hold on to the side rails and the boys were off!
 At one point David parked and turned around to talk to Parker. They were all so cute talking!
 Before it was time for David and Rachael to go David asked to get one more picture with Parker Bear!
 After we waved goodbye, Twinkle let Parker "drive" Bing's truck...
 That afternoon my cousin Little Wayne and his family came over to say hello. It was so nice to see them, I miss my family so much being out here in Kansas! Parker sure was happy to see Little Wayne!
 The next day Twinkle, Bing, Parker and I went out to lunch a little shopping. Parker was so excited that we were sitting outside near the sidewalk so he could watch the cars and trucks drive by!
 We were excited to be in town to celebrate Veteran's Day with one of our favorite veterans!
 And Parker decided to try his hand at driving the tractor...
 We got some pictures of Parker with Twinkle and Bing, although most of the pictures looked like this:
 we managed to get a good one!
Twinkle got some bath foam for Parker, he loved it!
 But not as much as he loved Twinkle reading to him!
 We had a great week! We boarded our flight home and we both took a wonderful nap!



  1. What a FABULOUS trip! And, how special that Parker got to celebrate Bing's birthday AND spend time with his great-grandma!

  2. We had a wonderful time with y'all!


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