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Friday, March 23, 2012


Babymoon. I highly recommend it!

The excitement of Baby Snowden’s arrival has reached an all time high around our house and with that Honey and I also have a lengthy to-do list. Our Babymoon allowed us to relax…get away…reconnect… and just BE. 

So what’d we do? Where’d we go? We went to Amelia Island, FL. We had never been there before, the plane ride was one hour and ten minutes – can’t beat that when you’re expecting – and there is lots and lots to do there!

Here is our Babymoon in pictures, enjoy!

We were on the island by 11 AM having a wonderful lunch!
Bump Pic before Thursday night dinner!

Our first dinner night at Brett's - great view of the sunset!

We toured Ft Clinch - my Army Major made a great tour guide!

We kayaked Lawson Creek - so beautiful!

We discovered this railroad track bridge

Happy Honey!

Mama-to-be enjoying the peace

Bump Pic before St Patty's Day Dinner!

Sunday Dinner at PLAE @ Amelia Plantation

Bump pic!

We watched a gorgeous sun rise on Monday morning
 On Monday, our last full day of vacation, Honey planned an amazing day for us over on Cumberland Island. They only allow 6 people per day to come to the island as day guests of the historic Greyfield Inn - formerly a private residence owned by the Carnegie Family. The island is filled with wild horses, historic sites, and only a handful of (WEALTHY) private residences. It was a day we will never forget!
On the ferry to Cumberland Island

We were day guests of the Greyfield Inn

I was so excited to catch my first glimpse of the wild horses!

We bicycled roads that looked like this

...and this...

There was no one else on this expansive stretch of beach!
We toured the ruins of the original Carnegie Mansion

I couldn't get enough of these wild creatures!

Couldn't talk Honey into letting us bring one home...

After this pic I was almost nose to nose with this one!

Greyfield Inn front porch

Greyfield Inn front walk

Formal living room

Colorful library!

Sitting Room
Saying bye to Cumberland Island - what a great day there!
Bump Pic before Monday night dinner!

We had dinner at the Ritz Carlton, 2 doors down from our condo

Honey called it a prom pose, I called it a bump pic!

We had such a wonderful time!! We can't wait to go back and take our little family with us. I highly recommend Amelia Island with a day trip to Cumberland Island as a great get-away!!

Thank you sweet Honey for a wonderful Babymoon!!


  1. How FUN!! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. What a beautiful mama-to-be you are!! I can't wait to see that bump in person soon.

    1. I can't wait to tell you more about it in person :) It was SO much fun!! I'm so glad we did it!!

  2. Aw! I'm so glad you guys got to go on a babymoon! We did last time around, but not this time. Amelia Island seriously looks magical! The wild horses and those trees?!

    1. Thanks Katie!! I'm with you, I don't know that we'll do that for Baby #2 but we'll always remember what a special trip this was. Yes, the island was magical - the horses were incredible!!

    2. Oh and the trees were straight out of a fairy tale book!

  3. Your babymoon looks like it was so relaxing and fun!! You look fabulous by the way, chickadee!!

    1. Thanks Annie :) It was so worth it!! Thank you, I am feeling pretty well - thankful for that!!

  4. What a fantastic trip! You are so adorable and do pregnancy SO WELL! You will be so happy you took this trip together ; )

    1. Thank you Tammy!! It was such a great time - we loved every minute :)


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